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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Behind The Scene

Cam-whoring with the cam-man

Ready??? Don't move
Romi as the grounder cam-man



On the day, I thought Romi will be the only photographer.. But, he brought his few friends (Mohd Zaidi Nasron, Ihsatanas Bahtory Aria and Mohd Razi Nasron and a female photographer *sorry, I don't remember her name, but will update once I know her name*).. Credit to them for making this photoshoot real and they all did a very great job ;)

Shooting at Zoo Negara ;)

Last week I planned for a photo shoot for my China Silk Baju Kurung Collection. At first, the venue for the shoot was at Tasik Titiwangsa on Saturday but then needed to postpone it on Sunday. But my friend Romi (the photographer) had other plan at the zoo. Then I said, "Why don't we have the shoot at Zoo Negara?" and he said that it was a good idea ;)

Since, I'm tight of budget, I had to be my own model for my collection.. heheh.. lucky me that I'm actually a camwhore ;)

will update you BEHIND THE SCENE action!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My First Step!

Hii babes!

I just started my own business partners with some fella (sorry couldnt mention their names) but it's absolutely a legal business la..

Many ppl ask me, WHY BAJU KURUNG?? Actually i'm not a fan of baju kurung. but since there's so much demand on baju kurung, i can't deny that it's a good product to market. eventho ppl already know that there's so many business that sell baju kurung ;)

Look at the bright side.. My company provides u a very high quality fabric of baju kurung.. My mission is to bring the product as far as I cud. My target is to market my product to Africa. Why Africa? am i insane? Is there any creature in Africa tht wears baju kurung? hehehhe... Because there's no ppl wearing baju kurung, that's where my market is. heee...

Wish me for my success k? Thanx so much for supporting me all the way! Muahkxs


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Good Old Days

12:43am, 2nd May 2009
I just watched my pictures and videos back in Kedah Matriculation. Those are some (pictures and videos) I managed to capture during those days.
I used to hate my matric’s life. The reason, I think I could not adapt with the environment and so many bad things happened to me.
Talking about bad things that happened to me, I remember one unforgettable moment which was my mathematics lecturer in second semester. The person I’m talking about is Mr. Chow. Darn, he was so stern that whenever I see him, no words could come out from my mouth. The tragedy happened when one fine day; he called up a few names from our class which I included. He said that he wants to do a pop quiz for the “very lucky” names that he mentioned. Only one question will be given. The question was so easy. But I was so nervous looking at him wondering what might he said when I could not answer the question correctly. I swear I know to answer the question correctly but I was so nervous looking at his fierce face like a tiger ready to swallow the prey.
He accused me for something I never did. He accused that I copied all the tutorial answer from my friends. I stood for myself for whatever he said was a total untrue. He asked me to tear my tutorial papers but I refused. My good friend back in matric, Ross (I used to call her this name) stood for me saying “she did not cheat on the tutorial. She even taught me to the subject” but Mr. Chow yelled at her without mercy. I was so sorry for her because of me, Mr. Chow got another prey to swallow. But I was so glad. Knowing she could does that thing really touch my heart. She was one real friend. Always stand behind me. At the end, Mr. Chow given me another chance to prove myself. He said that he will give me another quiz.
I studied hard for that and keep my mind to be all prepared because I had no idea when will he gives me another quiz. During the next class, I waited for him, who knows he might give me a quiz during that. But it turned out with “NO QUIZES” at all. Maybe one of the reasons, he always see that I was all ready and prepared ;) Seriously, Mr. Chow was one of my nightmares.
Okay, stop talking about that. Back to the topic (actually, I don’t really have a topic to talk about. It’s just a sweet and sour memory during my studies in Kedah Matricullation College).
The best moment that still attached in my head was during English Play Competition. Even our class did not manage to go to the finals, we were so happy working on the play. I wrote the script and as the lead actor ;) But that’s not about it.. All the girls were so wonderful.. We had no guys in our class. So, some girls played the guys part. Credit to Ross (Steve), Ili (John), Yun (Matt).. hahhaha.. I still remember that. Oya, Awin, Izati, Sare, Wani, Eka and all of you. You girls rock!! We had joy, fun even we sometimes had arguments but we still managed to give our very best! I love you all, girls. For me, that play has had connected us closely. It was not all about the play. It was about how we get along with each other even we were all have different identity and personality.

Remember this? We were practising for the play at squash court. We practised everywhere. Hehehe… those were really good old days=)
Friends of A1E2, if you are reading this, please keep in touch. Coz I really miss you guys so much, from heart. Even we have our own path, ONCE WE BECAME FRIEND, WE WILL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS.
I love you..


When things go wrong in our life and we encounter difficult situations
We tend to regard the situation itself as the problem,
But in reality whatever problem we experience come from the mind
If we respond to difficulties with a positive or peaceful mind
They would not be problems for us;
Indeed we may even come to regard them as challenges or opportunities
For growth and development
Problem arise if we respond to situations with a negative state of mind
Therefore, if we want to transform our life and be free from problems
We must learn to transform our mind

I love to read some motivational affirmations. Those help me to have faith and improve myself.. For good of coz.. ;)

Everything happens for a reason

Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck
Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity
All occur to test the limit of your soul
Without these small tests
Whatever they may be
Life would be like a
Smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere
It would be safe and comfortable
But dull and utterly pointless

The people you meet who affect your life
And the success and downfalls you experience
Help to create who you are and who you become


Watch your thoughts; they become words
Watch your words; they become actions
Watch your actions; they become habits
Watch your habits; they become character
Watch your character; it becomes your DESTINY

Get Started ;)

Holla Hello Hell ;)

Things happen differently.. U will do something u never did when u have nothing 2 do, aite? Tht's what happened 2 me. I found myself a time right after my contract with this Oil & Gas company ended. Yeah, I know.. I'm jobless now. But I dun care and would never care =P

But I thank God coz my bf has just get himself employed at MEASAT in Cyberjaya and I'm proud of him...

Erm.. so, where am I know. Even though I said I dun care of me getting employed again, it doesn't mean tht I'm not looking for any jobs.. I look for a job everywhere.. Thanxie to my friends for helping me getting a job even for sometime the jobs not qualify me..

Tht's why I'm here now. A few days back then, I got a phone call from Kencana HL in Lumut asking me to go the interview in Lumut. And I said, I would come.. FYI, I already went to the interview at the same company but based in Sg. Buloh but my application is still KIV. So, I waited till I got a call from the same company based in Lumut...

So, here I am.. staying at a relative tht I'm not so close of. But they are all kind, nice and friendly.. It's been ages I didn't come here. Last time I was here when I was in standard 4 or 5 maybe that I could't recall anything..

Back to the topic, the post I'm applying for is Contract Exec.. hope I will get the job.. coz I am so broke since my previous job. hehhe..

Guys, wish me luck for the interview. and thx for spare your time viewing my blog ;)