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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Started ;)

Holla Hello Hell ;)

Things happen differently.. U will do something u never did when u have nothing 2 do, aite? Tht's what happened 2 me. I found myself a time right after my contract with this Oil & Gas company ended. Yeah, I know.. I'm jobless now. But I dun care and would never care =P

But I thank God coz my bf has just get himself employed at MEASAT in Cyberjaya and I'm proud of him...

Erm.. so, where am I know. Even though I said I dun care of me getting employed again, it doesn't mean tht I'm not looking for any jobs.. I look for a job everywhere.. Thanxie to my friends for helping me getting a job even for sometime the jobs not qualify me..

Tht's why I'm here now. A few days back then, I got a phone call from Kencana HL in Lumut asking me to go the interview in Lumut. And I said, I would come.. FYI, I already went to the interview at the same company but based in Sg. Buloh but my application is still KIV. So, I waited till I got a call from the same company based in Lumut...

So, here I am.. staying at a relative tht I'm not so close of. But they are all kind, nice and friendly.. It's been ages I didn't come here. Last time I was here when I was in standard 4 or 5 maybe that I could't recall anything..

Back to the topic, the post I'm applying for is Contract Exec.. hope I will get the job.. coz I am so broke since my previous job. hehhe..

Guys, wish me luck for the interview. and thx for spare your time viewing my blog ;)

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