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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Behind The Scene

Cam-whoring with the cam-man

Ready??? Don't move
Romi as the grounder cam-man



On the day, I thought Romi will be the only photographer.. But, he brought his few friends (Mohd Zaidi Nasron, Ihsatanas Bahtory Aria and Mohd Razi Nasron and a female photographer *sorry, I don't remember her name, but will update once I know her name*).. Credit to them for making this photoshoot real and they all did a very great job ;)

Shooting at Zoo Negara ;)

Last week I planned for a photo shoot for my China Silk Baju Kurung Collection. At first, the venue for the shoot was at Tasik Titiwangsa on Saturday but then needed to postpone it on Sunday. But my friend Romi (the photographer) had other plan at the zoo. Then I said, "Why don't we have the shoot at Zoo Negara?" and he said that it was a good idea ;)

Since, I'm tight of budget, I had to be my own model for my collection.. heheh.. lucky me that I'm actually a camwhore ;)

will update you BEHIND THE SCENE action!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My First Step!

Hii babes!

I just started my own business partners with some fella (sorry couldnt mention their names) but it's absolutely a legal business la..

Many ppl ask me, WHY BAJU KURUNG?? Actually i'm not a fan of baju kurung. but since there's so much demand on baju kurung, i can't deny that it's a good product to market. eventho ppl already know that there's so many business that sell baju kurung ;)

Look at the bright side.. My company provides u a very high quality fabric of baju kurung.. My mission is to bring the product as far as I cud. My target is to market my product to Africa. Why Africa? am i insane? Is there any creature in Africa tht wears baju kurung? hehehhe... Because there's no ppl wearing baju kurung, that's where my market is. heee...

Wish me for my success k? Thanx so much for supporting me all the way! Muahkxs