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Monday, May 3, 2010

Another friend is married =)

Congartulation to my classmate Khairiyah aka Tembam, given by my abah =) Wish you have a wonderful married life with Ishak and have a baby soon.

Your wedding reunite some of schoolmates yang dh la mane xjumpe. Since we are all busy with own life skang. Anyhow, we do enjoy ourselves with makanan yang sedap, dewan yang air-conditioned (x la panas kan) and the hospitality by Khalid (adik Khairiyah yang pandai melayan tetamu).. hahahah

Here's some pics during Khairiyah's wedding

Malina, Muna, Ucop

The five of us

Again =)

Makan beradab

Ishak & Khairiyah

Ucop & Adi


Adi & Me

Turn kite lambat lagi eyh baby?

Ucop & Me

Us, with Khalid

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome BLACK!

Hey, they said PINK is so girly and they said PINK is so NOT ME.. Yes, I admit that PINK is not my fav colour since I was born till the time I'm writing this.

I once changed it to RED but it looked more like NYONYA than SEXY..

Then I changed it PINK again..

"Why don't you try BLACK?"

"But the font is GREY... "

"Change it to light GREY la bodo.." hihihi..

"Oke, BLACK it is.. tapi when I have something better, I will change it again"

"Sooo.. Welcome BLACK =)"



25 April 2010

Pagi breakfast di Coffee House, Primula Beach Resort.. Then tros check out about 9am.. Then, straight away to the SUK Office at Wisma Darul Iman.. Seronok betol jmpa dengan YB Dato' SUK. Humble sgt orgnya.. Tujuan ke KT untuk membuat kunjung hormat kepada YB SUK, Dato' Haji Mazlan bin Ngah dan membuat promosi Planetarium Melaka. After the discussion, we went to a restaurant at Taman Tamadun Islam if I'm not mistaken la..

After lunch, we went to a place yg jual byk losong! beli la sikit buah tangan sbb before g KT x smpat nk shopping coz rushing sgt.

Then, tros balik Melaka.. Tapi balik Melaka melalui highway yang lalu kat Karak tuh.. then smpai kat Genting Sempah, tgk minyak kete dh nk abs, nasib baik la kat Genting Sempah tuh ade Petronas.. Bila smpai Petronas, asap kereta dh keluar. Igtkan kereta org lain yg berasap, rupa2nya kereta Perdana Kerajaan Negeri Melaka yg kitaorg naik yg berasap.. Adei~~~

FYI, masuk ni dh 3 kali problem kat kereta Melaka State Government ni.. 1st work trip ke KT, tayar pancit, and susah gile nk bukak tayar tu untuk diganti tayar spare.. From 11 pm to 5 am in the morning baru leh setel.

Dr. Aluwi shows off some skills

Picture with from left ... Haji Firdausi, Dr. Aluwi, Dr. Zaki, Me, Tg. Turiah and TSCC staff

2nd masa work trip ke Seremban, on the way balik, kete accident kene langgar from behind.. Nasib baik la xde ape2..

So, yg ni 3rd time la.. But the best part is, semua kejadian berlaku selepas kerja2 selesai.. Alhamdulillah...

From left.. Charles Liddall, Haji Firdausi, Dr. Aluwi and Azuan Abu Bakar

From left... Azuan, Haji Firdausi, YB SUK Dato' Haji Mazlan, Dr. Aluwi, Charles Liddal and Me

Pemberian cenderehati produk Melaka

Discussion - Yes, I'm the minute taker

Happy walaupun kereta berasap! Cobaan!

Kereta Kerajaan Negeri Melaka

Sorry la ye coz most of the pictures especially with bosses, I tend to pose so skema =)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Love of My Life

This post is dedicated to the persons that I ever loved. My parents and my siblings.. Since living together with them gives me nothing but happiness. It's good to be around them. When I'm sad, I have Aish, Ehie, Fid, Eha and Enie to talk to.. When I'm tired back from work, I have Emak to give me a massage. When I have nothing to do, I have Abah to argue with =P

Thanks to Emak and Abah for raising me up until I bacame what I am now.

Emak, Me & Abah : Dinner at Bandar Darul Aman after the Convocation

At R&R

Thanks for being there with me.. Wish arwah Atok Kailan were here =(

For them ;)

Again.. thank you Abah for marrying Emak for the last 25 years until now. And thanks Emak for always being patient with perangai Abah yg gile2


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Real Wedding: Ziela & Nasir

Mula2 cm x caye.. out of the 10 of us, she'll ge getting married first. And now, she's a wife to a man. Eventho I x knl sgt si Nasir tuh, hopefully he will take a good care of our babe, Zyla.. May happiness will forever be with you and Nasir. And thanks for inviting us all to ur BIG DAY. And ko WAJIB datang during our BIG DAY too.. NO EXCUSES!! right HOT BABES?

During Zyla's wedding ;)

Congratulations.. Ko cantik sgt zyla.. ke sbb mak andam make-up kan ko or photographer tu pndai edit?? hahaha.. Tapi ko mmg chantek!

Dyla & Zyla

Dyla & Me yang kepanasan.. Snap pics depan kipas. konon2 sexy la sgt!! Mmg SEXY!

May you guys always happy

Amek berkat pengantin



Pasangan lumet yg sengal

Pasangan lumet yg dua2 kepeng

Pasangan lumet yang x seimbang

Etie Canggun & Lynn ;)

Syida & Wawa

We made the photographer to snap our pics! confuse.. sape pnye wedding ntah


Assalamualaikum bang

ok kawan2 lepas neh turn sape plak? sila maklumkan 2 bulan lebih awal ye supaya dapatlah ako arrange cuti utk hadir ke majlis korg sume nnt!


Hot Babes yang Sengal dan Sewel

Hahahah.. rindunye kat korang sume.. Right after the graduation, everyone seems so busy with their own life.. Al-maklumlah.. masing2 dh berkejaya. Nak jmpe buat reunion pon, kene bwt appointment! Apakah?!

X kisah la.. yang penting kita sayang menyayang!! muahxs 1000x!!!

This post is a tribute to all of HOT BABES!!

Graduation & Convocation

Inilah barisan kita...

Yang ikhlas berjuang


Diliyana, ank buah de.. ape name ntah. (aku lupe)

Looking at the skies..

We made to go through

Sape suh ktaorg posing?

Genting Highland

On gondola.. blurr la

This is why I'm HOT!

Walking on the walkaway

Again.. cam-whoring

Sila lihat di belakang Lynn.. Ade sape2 kehilangan anak??

Waiting for the bus to GENTING ;P

miss you all so much!