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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bridal Show

I got a call from my good friend, Kak Ayu. She wanted me to be her model for a make-up competition for Bridal Exhibition held at Convention Centre Mid Valley.. I was so excited and with an open heart, I helped. FYI, Kak Ayu has a bridal boutique in Changlun and Jitra. I heard she's going to open in KL soon. Nice job Kak Ayu.

Back to the story, during the day, there were so many contestants and I trust Kak Ayu will going to make it. Unfortunately, she didnt make it. But for me, Kak Ayu creation is one of THE BEST! She did a miracle on my face. And I absolutely put her name in my no. 1 list to do me for my wedding (tp wedding x sure la bile yek).. heheheh

Here's some picx. If you r interested for having her as your 'mak andam' for your wedding, do not hesitate to call me and I absolutely will inform her! (macam agent la plak)

Before the make over

Hair done by Eijan aka Brenda


Me, Eijan aka Brenda and The Great Kak Ayu

Can't wait for the make-ups

She's a Pro!

Let me have a look!

Touch up


Full dress


Pulling my hair up

These are the photos captured by my camera. Others are safe with Kak Ayu..

Event : Bridal Exhibition, Make-up Competition
Venue : Convention Centre, Mid Valley
Make up : Kak Ayu
Hair : Eijan aka Brenda


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