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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Love of My Life

This post is dedicated to the persons that I ever loved. My parents and my siblings.. Since living together with them gives me nothing but happiness. It's good to be around them. When I'm sad, I have Aish, Ehie, Fid, Eha and Enie to talk to.. When I'm tired back from work, I have Emak to give me a massage. When I have nothing to do, I have Abah to argue with =P

Thanks to Emak and Abah for raising me up until I bacame what I am now.

Emak, Me & Abah : Dinner at Bandar Darul Aman after the Convocation

At R&R

Thanks for being there with me.. Wish arwah Atok Kailan were here =(

For them ;)

Again.. thank you Abah for marrying Emak for the last 25 years until now. And thanks Emak for always being patient with perangai Abah yg gile2


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