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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Purpose of Life

What do you think of it? I sometimes took a time to think why I am here?. What am I suppose to do here?. What is the function of me?

All of us have a destination to be. But is the direction will lead you to the destination? Again, we have to think of that again.. Been 8 months in Melaka. My life just as plain and dull (that's what I think of myself). There's no more excitement. But what kind of excitement that I want? Isn't the excitement come from our very own self?!

Having some experience at National Planetarium

Don't blame others if you are having a miserable life. Don't blame others if you cannot get what you want. Don't blame others if you don't get what you want, your way.

Just take a time to think about it...


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