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Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey guys.. erm.. i have this interesting topic specially for those who just graduated and the BIG SPENDER (of coz I am referring to myself)whwn I started working 4 months back. getting the 1st paycheck gave me this one feeling *woh!!!* heee.. so, i’ve devided the salary into 3 devision. the 1/3 of my salary, i gave to my parents. some say that 1/3 of the salary is too much. but i don’t mind giving them.. in fact, i have more of my salary, i would have had given 1/2 to my parents. okeh, another 1/3 of it, i use it for my shopping spree, jln2, balik kg, car fuel.. and blahhh… duh.. of coz 1/3 of it is just not enaugh.. so, accidently, i always use another last 1/3.. haih.. then, all of my salary gone and the saddest part was, i couldn’t even save for my own fund.. okey, lets back to the topic, here’s some guide for people LIKE ME, LIKE US ;P

At long last, you’ve achieved the independence that you’ve always dreamt of. What about the financial independence that has just begun? Here are some basic tips to help you get started on the right track

Get A Job – You’ll have to start somewhere. So, you will need to get a job. Invest your allowances wisely into gearing you up for your first interview. Eg. Invest in a formal business suit. Mix and match with bargain buys that are stylishly inexpensive.

First Pay Cheque – Don’t blow it on an extravagant purchase. Think of ways to maximize the enjoyment of your first “hard-earned-money”.

New Nest – Independence need not mean moving out from mum and dad. But if you must, evaluate your resources to decide how much you can afford to pay for your rent every month.

Budgeting & Planning – It’s never too early to start your own financial planning. In fact, the best time to start is now. See our Back To Basics guide to learn how to get started.

Start Saving – There is a long road ahead of you. You’ll have 20 years or more to go before you reach retirement age. So, start saving now to ensure that you’ll never land in a big pool of debt. Find out why it’s important to save and how to gear up for what lies ahead.

Investment Lessons – Don’t just rely on your monthly pay cheque. Explore ways to invest your money wisely. Look for opportunities to earn more money without jeopardizing your career.

Lifestyle – Independence can be exhilarating but not when it cost you your financial freedom. When deciding on the type of lifestyle that suits you best, don’t forget to match it against your gross pay. This should give you an idea what you can afford and what you can’t afford.

Watch Your Spending! – Don’t spend blindly without knowing how much you actually have available. Put off buying the latest gadget in town. Wait for the price to drop – it usually does after a few months.

Insurance – Being on your own for the first time makes you all the more vulnerable. You’ll need to insure yourself against the unexpected turn of events that unfolds in your lifetime. Get a recommendation from your peers or a family member on a trust-worthy insurance agent to guide you through on how to protect your future best.

So guys! hope this will work out for all of us

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