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Monday, May 3, 2010

Another friend is married =)

Congartulation to my classmate Khairiyah aka Tembam, given by my abah =) Wish you have a wonderful married life with Ishak and have a baby soon.

Your wedding reunite some of schoolmates yang dh la mane xjumpe. Since we are all busy with own life skang. Anyhow, we do enjoy ourselves with makanan yang sedap, dewan yang air-conditioned (x la panas kan) and the hospitality by Khalid (adik Khairiyah yang pandai melayan tetamu).. hahahah

Here's some pics during Khairiyah's wedding

Malina, Muna, Ucop

The five of us

Again =)

Makan beradab

Ishak & Khairiyah

Ucop & Adi


Adi & Me

Turn kite lambat lagi eyh baby?

Ucop & Me

Us, with Khalid