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Friday, December 2, 2011

Real Wedding: Muna & Aie

Hi everyone!

I've known Muna since high school. She is my besties since then. We always hangout together (while I was still living in Taman Melati) with Ucop, Ezy, C-dick, Faliq, Remy, Elly and ramai lg geng2 skolah.. I can't believe that now she's someone's wife. I wish you all the best in your wonderful marriage life. Love you so much!

Let us enjoy some photos taken during her day. Sorry for the low quality pics.. I xde camera cangih2.. huhu.. and some of them pon, cilok from friends yang attend the wedding too.. Eh, lupe nk ckp, I was one of the flower girls together with Melly, Erin, Anne and Leina :)

Thanks baby temankan syg from morning smpai abes event! Love you so much!!

Us with the bride + groom

Khairiyah and baby yg super active

Ucop, the best man, Groom, Bride and Me the flower girl

'Orang Kuat'

Me and Leina wouldn't miss a chance to photo together ;)

Me and the hyper active baby


Real Wedding: Oya & Nazry


As promised, I will review about Oya's wedding

Oya was my classmate back in Kedah Matriculation College (KMK). We were in the same kuliah and the same English class. She was like a princess during her Big Day! So so so beautiful.. tapi x smpat nk tngkap pics of her banyak2 since I pon pkai hp my bf jea to capture the pics.. Kesian kn? Jom tengok pics of her wedding! The theme was pink :)

Me with the beautiful Oya :)

Her Nikah Dais

Her Reception Dais

Canopy Makan Pengantin and family

I just love the cake!!

Terserempak dgn Munh.. Found out that she's actually Oya's auntie :) Hahaha.... Munh, x sangka muda2 dh jd auntie.. Seronok jumpe Munh!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A lil update

Hello babes!

Just a lil update.. Seems that my blog has been 'ber-sawang' for quite sometimes. I will put reviews of my two friends' wedding - Oya and Muna. Oya was my classmate during my matriculation and Muna has been a best friend for me since our school times till now! 

I am in the office right now and I will post a review about their wedding once I got home ok! Till then,


Friday, October 28, 2011

+ His new lover, after Me +

Hello guys,

Today is the happiest day for my baby. He's finally got his first car after waited for more than 2 months. Banyak betu dugaan dalam usaha mendapatkan kereta idaman bf I ni. The story goes like this:-

Showroom and Car Test Drive
My boyfie called an agent mentioning that we're coming over to the showroom at Klang. When we got there, there was a Malay SA named (I don't want to mention his name). We told him that we wanted to test drive the car. So we tested it. The SA was so kind and very convincing and we thought that he'll help us to get the car soon for my boyfie if he decided to buy that car.

My boyfie instantly fell in love with the car that not long after the test driving session, he decided to buy that car. He called the Malay SA and make arrangement of any documentations and everything. My boyfie paid the booking fees.

The Down payment
A few days later, the Malay SA asked my boyfie for a down payment. The reason, so he can push the boss to get the car sooner. So, with all hopes, my boyfie paid the down payment. Here's the good thing of my boyfie, he is very particular about money. So, he made a bank draft for the down payment, instead of giving the Malay SA sum of cash money. To all readers, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THE DOWN PAYMENT UNTIL YOUR CAR ARRIVED AT THE SHOWROOM. 

Actually, after he made the down payment and waited for so long, still no shadow or news that he'll be getting the car any soon. He called and followed up with the Malay SA, asking this and then where and when he can get the car and the Malay SA keep giving so many excuses.. Said that the car is in Customs for K1 and bla bla bla... And ended up he cheated my boyfie!

Ok guys, the reason I said do not pay the down payment until your car is arrived at the showroom is because, that is not a normal procedure. Some SA, like this particular Malay SA asked for that because he wanted to secure his commission so that hoping the client will not look or go to other SA. You are alright to say NO. This is for your own good. What happened to my boyfie was, the Malay SA used my boyfie down payment money for his earlier client! WTF right!

The Complaint
My boyfie complaint about the issue to the upper management of the company. He contacted Eddie (I have to changed his name for some reasons) and complaint about this. Eddie is a nice guy that he helped my boyfie for a solution and getting a car for him as soon as possible. It turned out that the Malay SA has been fired from the company for a reason. And the saddest part was, he didn't tell my boyfie that he was fired and put it on silent! So, my boyfie and Eddie went to police station to make a report about this SA (and to settle the company's insurance so it can be used for a downpayment of my boyfie's new car). 

It Is Here!
Not long after that, approx within 7 days, today, my boyfie had received his first baby. I am so happy for him. And my hope, DO NOT LOVE YOUR FOFI MORE THAN ME!!!

This is his new baby------>
He's happy eventho he didn't get his fav coulur of FoFi, but he got this :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Prep: Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot

Hai Everyone!

First of all, I think it is still not too late to wish all my Indian friends who celebrate the 'Light Festive', I wish you all happiness and joyous! I thank Allah for the freedom we gain in Malaysia. The Multiracial, the Foods, and everything. We still can live in one nation.

I would like to share some photos taken during my pre-wedding session photoshoot. It was a precious moment and I enjoyed the day and night. My photographer was Fariz Muhazir, the cute cik Mima and also, find their official Fan Page Fantastic Moment Studio ;)

FYI, we had the shoots at KL Central, KLCC and Pavilion. It was based from our true story of our first date-out. It was exhausted but very very very FUN! and thanks to my sister Ehie aka Siram, for keeping me company throughout the session. Ala, xpe la kan segala perbelanjaan ditanggung. Also thanks to my friend, Nadia for the make-up eventho in such short notice.

Haha.. tapi mesti ramai yang fikir, kenapa shoot pre-wedding awal-awal sedangkan lambat lagi kot majlisnya.. merisik pon belum lagi.. Hahah.. boleh tak I jawab "SUKE HATI AKU LA!" hehehe.. 

Do like Fantastic Moment Studion and Sis Nadia's Fanpage ya!

In the mean time, please enjoy the photos.. Sorry, I can't view all the photos for some reasons. But here's the good ones!

He was calling because I turned up so late.. I made him waited more than an hour
But, I showed up with a smiley face that he can't resist to smile back

The very safe place to lean on

Adi Razlan + Nuzulul Fatehanie

Our romantic day out at KLCC Park

The night at Pavi

+ Save The Date +

Yours sincerely,

Friday, October 14, 2011

+ Little Updates +

Hi guys,

It's been quite sometimes I didn't blog.. It's like I don't know that no people reading this anyway. But, I miss to write something on my blog.

Well, first and foremost, I would like to thank to all my family, relatives and friends who voted me for the Fantastic Moment Studio Gate Away! For all your supports, I won the contest.. Sorry to inform you guys this late. Next week, Adi and I will be shooting for the prize that we won. I take advantage to make it as our Pre-Wedding photoshoot :) Tahape2, kursus kawin pon x pegi lagik, tapi beria nak buat pre-wed photoshoot. Yeah, I know.. some of you might think that way. But, I do have my reasons. 
First: As some of you might already know, I already started my 3rd semester of my Master program. So, I would be very very very busy to do the photo shoot later on. So, I MUST do it earlier

Second: I started a few projects with my company, so, I don't think I would have so much time for photo-shooting what so-ever

Btw, Adi already suggested to go for the kursus kawin by November because we're afraid that we don't have much time for that later on.

And, many more friends are going to tie the knot at end of the year!! I am so so happy for them!

Actually, I am in the office right now, pretending doing works when I am blogging :) Today, I'm gonna have lunch together with Sharmila and Ina at Giant KJ. It's been a while I didn't see them. As supposedly, my room mate back in Uni should have joined us but at the last minute she couldn't make it.. Lamenye tak jumpa lumet kami!!! Rindu!!

Okay, I'm gonna back to work. You guys have fun ya! Thank God It's Friday! woooohooooo


Thursday, July 21, 2011

+ Fantastic Moment Studio Give Away Contest!! +

Hello guys!

I am entering a contest organized by Fantastic Moment Studio! So, please vote for me by clicking 'LIKE' on my FB Profile okay? Here's the link to my profile >>> http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1396792572 whoever yang belum add me, please, and I dengan berbesar hati akan approve :) Chewah.. bajet macam artis pulak :p Btw, here's some info about the contest

Fantastic Moment Studio Give Away Contest

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cara mudah hanya perlu like page kami

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Please vote for me.. Tarikh tutup nak dekat dah ne...

Nuzulul Fatehanie/ Etie