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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Real Wedding: Dyla & C'Jai

Hi readers,

As promised, here is another entry about wedding one of my dear hot babes.. She was very hyper active back in uni. and we never expect the she was the one who got married first among all of us. But I am really happy for her wedding and hope for the best for Dyla and Cik Jai. They are now expecting a baby.. Wow, we are gonna be aunties babes!!!

Let's not talk much, have fun looking at their wedding pics!

Sorry, I don't have the bride and groom close up pic. I will upload later when I found them ok!

Decent pic of us wearing 'tudung' during the 'akad nikah'

The flower girls with flowers

Thanks to Adi for keeping me company all the way to JB from KL

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