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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Real Wedding: Diliey & Hadi

This is the recent wedding I witnessed! It was Diliey and long time bf! Cerita Diliey sgt2 la menyayat hati.. sebijik macam drama melayu dulu2 yang percintaan tidak direstui keluarga.. Keluarga mana, biarlah rahsia... But syukur to The Creator, Allah SWT, they ended their  love story with a happy wedding.

Have a blast married life to Diliey & Hadi

Me with the flowers!

Us, cam-whoring again

In front of the home-stay at Wakaf Che Yeh

Hot babes with the special lady of the day

Us and the pair, pointing at the flower

Meja makan beradab

Tersangaaatttt la Diliyana!

Before the reception

Again, cam-whoring.. sorry, we are helpless 

One of my fav pic

The squad

The squad & the bride and groom

Us during the rehearsal


Pantai Cahaya Bulan


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