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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been a while Part 2

Hi guys!

I am so sorry that I really really have no chance to update the blog. Frankly speaking, I miss writing in this blog. Here's the update of my life:

1. I am now 25 years young (affirm to myself that I am still young, of course I am)

2. 3 of my hot babes are married now. Dyla happily married with Cik Jai for I think 3 months now, Adeq with Shahrul and recently married was Diliey married with long time bf Hadi. Congrats to all of you. I will post an entries of all their marriages. Just wait ok!

3. I now no longer working with Planetarium Melaka Sdn Bhd. (I must announce this since I still receive phone calls and messages through FB about Job Vacancies and everything). I am now working with a Market Research (Shopper Research), Ratera & van Galen Sdn Bhd. For your kind information, I am the only Malay (Muslim) working there. It's kind of a new experience for me. But all my colleagues are nice.

4. Since I now working in KL, I moved to KL from my parents' house (Melaka). Now I live with two Iranian ladies and a Malay lady at Kinrara Mas Apartment. The house is super BEST! hahah.. So far, I have no problems with all the house mates. They are all nice. And I am currently happy living here.

5. About my love life, I am now very happy with Adi Razlan. We started planning for our marriage which is expected in the mids of 2012 (we hope). Things need to be done slowly so we won't feel the burden. Adi also will be working with CSC in the February, I am very happy for him. 

6. My weight now is 55kg (what??!!!) Yes, it's true.  So, my new year resolution for 2012, I want to reduce my weight to 47kg. And get back in shape (that is very very very important). I hired Adi as my personal trainer with FOC services. Hahaha.. Pity my baby.. 

7. Since I want to lose weight, Adi bounght me a pair of Nike running shoes. He said I must feel guilty every time seeing / looking at the running shoes and start working out. Herm.. well, it's true sometimes. I really felt guilty. 

8. This is important one. I am now doing my part time studies at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, pursuing a master degree in Quantitative Science major in Operation Management. I am now in the second semester. and expected to graduate in the mids of 2012 (I hope will pass with flying colours). Please wish me luck guys. My responsibilities in life have increased, to balance with work and study, family and love..

9. My current mode is "I MISS MY FAMILY". Last time I met them was when we sent Ehie off to Cameron Highland. Ehie is my younger sister for those who don't know. She chose to do her Industrial Training at Cameron Highland. I wish you doing good there and collect all the knowledge while you are there.

10. I wish to have a wonderful year in 2011 ;)

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