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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Exam is over!!!!

Yay!!! I am so glad that exam's over now! and I can have my own beauty sleep again. Thank you to mak and abah for praying for me. And not to forget thanks to my darling Adi Razlan for giving me support and be my study mode reminder alarm!!!

Yes people, study last minute memang sangat memenatkan. And I wish I wasn't that lazy to study for next semester. Hopefully.. Well, let's hope!

My update on after exam activities is coming up, very soon.. Adi Razlan, if you are reading this, please jangan buat-buat lupa to email our outing pictures today (23rd Apr 2011, in case you have forgotten)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tomorrow is Exam!!!

Hi guys!!!

Just to let u know that I have my first exam paper tomorrow! so, wish me luck!!! I don't want to end up like this--->
Wargh!!! jgn la jadi cmni dalam exam room

Love, Etie

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tanjung CSI Sdn Bhd

Hi people!!!

Jangan terperanjat plak dgn tajuk entry kat atas ni.. Harap maklum, saya tiada kene mengena dengan Company di tersebut.
Tanjung CSI

Pencerobohan bermula!!!
Well, yesterday I kept Ika (my cousin) a company since she had to finish her proposal to the client. So, I brought all my studies materials (Forecasting book and past year exam papers). Before we went to her office, we had a very very very cheap lunch at Kinrara!! Gila murah! Bak kata Ika kedai 5Ringgit. Mana taknye, amek itu ini sume campur air, HANYA RM4.80!!! Gile murah kan??

Then we headed to Tanjung CSI and started our work at 4pm. Ika buat keje dia la and I was studying sampai tepu! duh!!!

Sambil-sambil tu tangkap-tangkap gambar sebab nak menghilangkan rasa mengantuk. Sedar tak sedar, it was almost 10 pm and Ika still hasn't finish her work yet. Actually dah habis cuma belum siap printing. So, dengan rasa senang hati, I lent her my hand! Dengan menggunakan segala kepakaran dan pengalaman semasa bekerja di MMC Amec dulu, I helped her printing and everything. 
Kesengalan terserlah

Full with my mess!

Then at 11.30pm we walked out from the office and headed to Sri Petaling to have our late dinner with her dot dot dot... hehehe.. 

2 more days for my first exam, Project Analysis.. herm.. hopefully tak la susah sangat paper tu.. Prof Sahar, if you're reading this, please have mercy on me =)

Love, Etie

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Study Mode

Hey babes!!
I know, I know.. Looking at the title of this entry is kind of 'Poyo'! But who cares?? 

Sorry, kesengalan di pagi buta ini telah membuatkan ako hilang pertimbangan kewarasan akal. Yeps! I woke up at 4.30am to study Forecasting for this coming exam. Now, baru nk masuk chap5. Why study last minute?? I asked  myself the same question thousand times before, and now!! The answer is, I DON'T KNOW WHY!! 

Setiap kali time exam, mesti rasa macam ni.. Like 'Kan bagus kalau ako study awal and no last minute study'.. Dulu masa degree bachelor pon cakap the same thing.. Now, for second semester Master pon cakap the same thing. The question is, BILA NAK BERUBAH???? Ntah la, maybe tunggu New Year kot, boleh buat NEW YEAR RESOLUTION skali ;) Dah, xpayah la Etie, tiap-tiap tahun buat resolution tak jugak berubah. Dulu masa degree, resolution every year tak nak ponteng kelas, but you did! Tak boleh pakai betul la..

Ok, to all Quantitative Science Fac (x kira la korang Operation major, Finance Eng or ape lagik satu major eyh??, alamak, bende ni pon boleh lupe, macam mana nak ingat satu buku Forecasting ne???) Anyways, a VERY GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US!!!!
Banyak nye nak kene baca.. Sigh!!!

Tak boleh jadik ni! Study!!!!

And supposedly, I have a date with all the HBs!!! but noew, terpaksa membatalkan niat untuk beronggeng bersama-sama mereka!!! I know I know.. I made a promise!!! So sorry!!! But why did I promised if you know you have an exams to sit?? Babes, you all tau kan I ne pelupa nak mampus and I understand if you guys would say that I ne macam nenek tua.. But honestly, I memang lupa yang I ada exams to sit. SOooooooOO SooooORRRRyyyyy!!!! Please keep me posted for updates k?? LOVE you guys!! and Wish me luck coz I need all the LUCK!!!
I miss you guys!!!!

Xoxo!!! Etie Canggun ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Busy-ness

Yes, I know.. I am ON and OFF when blogging. It's not that I don't wanna blog, it's just that my schedule these days is SUPER BUSY!!

Busy with work, with school.. Btw, my final exam for second semester is around the corner, so WISH ME LUCK GUYS!!!

I am currently doing my Logistic Management take-home-test while blogging ;) Yeah!!! I love Logistics but when it comes to reading, I am quite forgetful. TRUST me! I am more prefer into discussion stuff, presentation and 2-ways communication. I LOVE THAT! It's just the way how I can memorize things!

I am waiting for Adi and he'll be coming I think at 1pm and we'll be watching movies today! Wish you all have a great weekend!

Love & the Other Drugs