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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My last day at work

Hi all!

Today will be my last day at my current company. And 2 days of rest starting from tomorrow. And on Friday, I'll be flying off to Bangkok with Adi and future in-law (eceh...hehehe)

Herm.. dah last day kat office ni, mcm xde bende nak buat. That is why I'm taking my time blogging for you all :) Sah! memang x ada keje. 

Both of my boss outstation. Sorang pergi Manila, sorang lagi pergi Holland. 2 of my colleagues pon outstation to Manila. So, who's left in the office are V, LW, A and myself! Sure they are busy doing their work and I am busy blogging. Haiya.. hehehe

I'll be reporting duty at my new office on the 1st June. Meaning, right after I come back from Bangkok. BTW, I'll be in Bangkok from Friday to Tuesday. Can't wait to shopping there!

Wish you guys have a happy and fun day at work!


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