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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not feeling so well

Hey guys!

Well, today is my third day of - not - feeling - well.. I went to the clinic this morning before I came to the office.. I think memang teruk la I batuk2 and flu at the same time.. Doc check, tekak and said "Please avoid oily food and ice".. Then he wrote something on a piece of paper... Ingatkan, blh la dapat MC. Tp xde pon???!!! WTH!!

Doc ni! aku dah batuk setengah mati ni de boleh x bg MC? hampeh.. Harap2 la boss tengok ako kesian and trus bagi balik... In my dream la kan??

Btw, this evening I will 2 meetings.. So, mana boleh MC!


Have a blast day y'all!


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