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Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello readers!

I had a tiring but wonderful weekend! I went to the PICC for Wedding Fair with Adi on Saturday and had my wonderful and relaxing time at salon on Sunday.

Okay, I want to tell ya about my Sunday activity. I had planned to rebond my hair at Derrick and Team at The Mines. Well, it was suggested by my dear HB, Lynn. Thanks Lynn for the 20% discount member card.

Well, I came early that morning, not directly enter to the salon. I waited for Lynn and Nisa for just a few minutes. Okay, I already planned for rebonding and doing treatment for my hair, Nisa planned to just rebond at the front of her hair and Lynn (she supposed to keep us company but ended up enjoying the hair treatment for herself). So, the three of us had a chillexing moment at Derrick and Team.

My stylist was Shin Ze and Bee. Shin Ze was the one who did the whole rebonding process and Bee (the expert) was helping her and instructing her during the process. Well, I like the way Shin Ze did to my hair. She was very gentle yet she made sure when she wash my hair, there's nothing left on my hair (i mean shampoo and chemical)

The process was rather enjoying than suffering because they didn't take long time to do my hair. Previously when I did rebonding at a salon in Shah Alam, she took more than 5hrs still the result turned like shit! But at Derrick and Team, for me it was satisfying so far, but yet, I had to wait after I wash my hair to see the result after washing.

On the other hand, Bee was good also. I think she's the senior hair stylist there. Recommended me to side part my front hair instead of doing the fringe. She said, I may look chubbier. So, I agreed to her suggestion.
So, here's the result of the rebonding and treatment hair.



rinni said...

hello Etie, how r u there?
actually i have a plan on doin rebonding at derrick & team at mines and while surfing on it i came across your blog.. thanks for it and i would like to ask how long did the hair lasts? and may i noe d price charged?? thanks :)

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Hi Rinni,

Thank you for dropping by. To answer your question, my hair lasts about 1 year+ but, like other rebonding, after your new hair grows,you need to do some touch up :) well here's the new post that is specially dedicated to you >>> http://nuzululfatehaniejuremi.blogspot.com/2012/11/transformation-2.html

The price is standard more or less the same. for my lenght, I only got to pay RM250+ (don't remember the exact amount)because I used my friend's membership card. If you want to get your hair done, I highly recommend Lina. You can tell her that I recommended her to you :) Good luck and don't foreget to email me your picture after the rebonding :)