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Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend yang sengal

Hi my dear diary!

What an adventure, tiring, exciting, stupid weekend! Why I said so? There's a lot to be told! But first of all, I wanna talk about my friend's wedding. Yes, another wedding of HB!

Congratulations Izzati and Loqman!
Photo of Adi, The groom, The Bride and Me :)
Congrats again to Izzati and Loqman. She was so beautiful on her day! She'll be flying off to Sarawak with the hubby and build a new life there! Don't forget us kat Semenanjung ni ye SKII.

Okay, after the wedding, we headed back to KL and stopped at Restoran Jejantas Sg. Buloh to have our dinner. We decided to eat Sate Kajang. Tak lama pon makan about 30 to 45mins jea, then as we arrived at our car, specifically, Adi's car, we found out that someone dh pecah kereta tu.! Yep, that was really terrifying! Ape yang hilang was, Lynn's handbag (according to her, ada la baju kurung, marc jacob's perfume, and makeups) and Alhamdulillah, we all are safe!

And lupe plak nak cerita, masa on the way to, I SMSed my Iranian housemate about getting back my deposit cash of the room I rented since I'm moving out from the house (in Bukit Jalil) to Another (at Pinggiran Subang). Here's the conversation.

Me: Salam. Hi xxx. Are you using online banking for transaction or cash deposit?
Her: Salam Fatehanie. yup, using online transaction
Me: Maybank or CIMB>
Her: Both of them ;)
Me: This is my CIMB acc no xxxxxxxxxx. The pass card deposit is RM50 right? So, I'll be receiving RM550, right? Just to confirm
Her: Dear, u didnt clean yr room even yr bathhall. all the room's wall got nets! u didn't even sweeping yr room. i just call sombody to come for cleaning tomorrow she will come. sorry i must reduce clearer charge. dun worry i hv cheap one ;)
Me: But when I came in, the room was even dirtier compared  to what it is now and even clean the bathroom too. Plus, I didn't take the curtain railing and added it using my own money. Don't worry, u don't have to call people to clean it. I will come tomorrow to clean it.
Her: Great.. almost 1year i stay this house, compair thd other walls... then clean back to me ;) nowbody use yr bath.. confirm with me what time u can come bcoze we go to LCCT to comany xxxx back around 1pm
Me: Maybe u should've cleaned the room first b4 u rent it out to me. I mopped the floor 3 times when I came in & I've washed the bathroom also. I also vacuumed my room b4 left. The bathroom and the room I used was way dirtier compared to when I came in. I'll come arounf 4.30/5.00PM & I want my money tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll clean everything until it's shiny for u ;)

I put the conversation here exactly like what she sms-ed me. Please don't mind her broken english.. What The Fuck!!! Bengang gile dengan minah Iran ni. It's like they were finding excuses to get my money! Bullshit!!!

Seriously, when I came into the house, it was very dirty. Dekat tapak kaki dari putih kemerah-merahan (cewah, sempat nak perasan) sampai jadi HITAM ok!!! I have witness for that as I pernah bawa Adi and my auntie, Peeka kat rumah tu sebab dorg tolong I angkat barang.. What the hell la kan!!! Seriously, an advice to people of thinking nak sewa bilik/ rumah, please take photo before you came in. Nanti tak pasal2 jd macam kes I.

The next day we came, I and Adi started cleaning the room and bathroom. Adi helped me clean the room and I cleaned the bathroom. Sampai berkilat oi I bersihkan plus wangi lagi bau pencuci lantai lime I tu. Then, I asked the Iranian where is the mop because I wanted to mop my room. She gave excuse that her son took the mop. (As suspected, de memang sengaja xnk bg I pkai mop to clean the room). Nasib baik Adi bawak vacuum!

After we cleaned, I asked her to check the room and bathroom. Like an inspector, de tengok la.. and sampai kat bilik I, she complained about the dirty wall (which caused by habuk2 I think).. and That was not because of me. It was already like that before I came in!!

Then she argued with me that she couldn't believe that the habuk already there. And it really pissed me off like hell!!! She said that no one using the room before I came (which it's obvious that she didn't take care of the room and explained all the habuk2 tebal kat lantai before I came) I said that the room was even dirtier when I came in. and told her that she should have cleaned the room before she rent it out to me!!!! I was fucking mad at that time sampai my english pon berterabur masa argue dengan de!

And Adi asked her to call the landlord and she said that the landlord is now in India and she called the agent (which when I asked her that is the agent is Indian and she said YES) Adi spoke to the agent and guess what, he was not an Indian like what she said. Well. we didn't asked the agent but Adi can recognize that. He speaks Arab-English, so we knew that he was her 'kind' too!!! fuck off la kan!

We asked him to asked her to give my deposit money back and I only got RM500 instead of RM550. The other RM50 was deducted because she wants to call someone to clean the wall. Bodo ke ape? She asked me to clean the wall (meaning cuci dinding) kat bilik tu.. Memang bodo la kan because cat kat dinding tu sure akan luntur and tercabut. She asked me to take back my curtain railing (which I memang nak amek balik pon)

And I signed off surat tamat menyewa and before I left, I gave her a piece of me. "YOU SHOULD CLEAN THE ROOM BEFORE YOU RENT TO SOMEONE"

Seriously, I memang bengan dengan pempuan Iran tu!!!

My advise, DO NOT RENT A ROOM WITH A FOREIGNER!! ESPECIALLY IRANIAN NO MATTER HOW NICE SHE IS WITH YOU. I learned my lesson guys and that's enough!.



Anonymous said...

bapak marah u ni..i bace pun dapat rase getar kemarahan u kat perempuan iran tue..then i can imagine canne u mrh perempuan tue,,hahaha...

Anonymous said...

wah gle mrh!!i can imagine situasi u tyme tue..gle bakar!hahah..sabar de

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Dear, I mmg marah pon.. marah sgt2!!! I xkan halalkan pun duit rm50 yg de deduct yang kononnya nak upah cuci dinding tu.. hopefully u or sape2 yg baca my post ni will be more careful la.. i dun want the same thing happen to any of u.. sgt menyakitkan hati...