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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Prep: Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot

Hai Everyone!

First of all, I think it is still not too late to wish all my Indian friends who celebrate the 'Light Festive', I wish you all happiness and joyous! I thank Allah for the freedom we gain in Malaysia. The Multiracial, the Foods, and everything. We still can live in one nation.

I would like to share some photos taken during my pre-wedding session photoshoot. It was a precious moment and I enjoyed the day and night. My photographer was Fariz Muhazir, the cute cik Mima and also, find their official Fan Page Fantastic Moment Studio ;)

FYI, we had the shoots at KL Central, KLCC and Pavilion. It was based from our true story of our first date-out. It was exhausted but very very very FUN! and thanks to my sister Ehie aka Siram, for keeping me company throughout the session. Ala, xpe la kan segala perbelanjaan ditanggung. Also thanks to my friend, Nadia for the make-up eventho in such short notice.

Haha.. tapi mesti ramai yang fikir, kenapa shoot pre-wedding awal-awal sedangkan lambat lagi kot majlisnya.. merisik pon belum lagi.. Hahah.. boleh tak I jawab "SUKE HATI AKU LA!" hehehe.. 

Do like Fantastic Moment Studion and Sis Nadia's Fanpage ya!

In the mean time, please enjoy the photos.. Sorry, I can't view all the photos for some reasons. But here's the good ones!

He was calling because I turned up so late.. I made him waited more than an hour
But, I showed up with a smiley face that he can't resist to smile back

The very safe place to lean on

Adi Razlan + Nuzulul Fatehanie

Our romantic day out at KLCC Park

The night at Pavi

+ Save The Date +

Yours sincerely,


Adi Razlan said...

Cantik2! Really had a great time that day. Love u sweetheart!

ikin aziz said...

exactly la tu....biar la lambat lagi pon kawinnya...nama pun pre....wedding...huhu...but nice shoot...tp klu xume dah cukup ape salahnye...just hoping u guys cepat2 kawin k.. :D

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Kiak, thanks la sudi drop kt blog ako ne.. Insyallah, ade jodoh and rezeki kawen lg cpt kn, ape slhnye..

.:shura shushi:. said...

cantik..! simple je..tak perlu nak prop apa-apa =)

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

shura dear, yep. i agree dgn u.. yg penting the photographer is superb!