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Friday, December 2, 2011

Real Wedding: Muna & Aie

Hi everyone!

I've known Muna since high school. She is my besties since then. We always hangout together (while I was still living in Taman Melati) with Ucop, Ezy, C-dick, Faliq, Remy, Elly and ramai lg geng2 skolah.. I can't believe that now she's someone's wife. I wish you all the best in your wonderful marriage life. Love you so much!

Let us enjoy some photos taken during her day. Sorry for the low quality pics.. I xde camera cangih2.. huhu.. and some of them pon, cilok from friends yang attend the wedding too.. Eh, lupe nk ckp, I was one of the flower girls together with Melly, Erin, Anne and Leina :)

Thanks baby temankan syg from morning smpai abes event! Love you so much!!

Us with the bride + groom

Khairiyah and baby yg super active

Ucop, the best man, Groom, Bride and Me the flower girl

'Orang Kuat'

Me and Leina wouldn't miss a chance to photo together ;)

Me and the hyper active baby


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