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Friday, December 2, 2011

Real Wedding: Oya & Nazry


As promised, I will review about Oya's wedding

Oya was my classmate back in Kedah Matriculation College (KMK). We were in the same kuliah and the same English class. She was like a princess during her Big Day! So so so beautiful.. tapi x smpat nk tngkap pics of her banyak2 since I pon pkai hp my bf jea to capture the pics.. Kesian kn? Jom tengok pics of her wedding! The theme was pink :)

Me with the beautiful Oya :)

Her Nikah Dais

Her Reception Dais

Canopy Makan Pengantin and family

I just love the cake!!

Terserempak dgn Munh.. Found out that she's actually Oya's auntie :) Hahaha.... Munh, x sangka muda2 dh jd auntie.. Seronok jumpe Munh!

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