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Monday, January 30, 2012

Officail Vendor: Pelamin - Ixora Couture KL #2

Hello Monday!

My weekend was so hectic! I want to tell you about one particular event which is about my vendor. I will make an entry about all my vendor which will be like this:-
:: Pre -VENDOR :: (before the wedding)
:: Review - VENDOR :: (after the wedding)

Okay? Today, I will start with the most important one!. Since I visited her yesterday to finalize my baju-baju.

Presenting to you!........... Ixora Couture Kuala Lumpur!

For your all kind information, Ixora Couture Kuala Lumpur is responsible for making my engagement/ solemnization dress, reception (my side) and reception (my best half). The owner of the boutique is my own friend which I considered her as my sister because she is super super super NICE!

Not that I want to kiss her ass off but honestly from the bottom of my heart, she is very nice. I've known her since my third semester back when I was studing in UUM. The first time we met was actually looking for a veil. She was actually asking me what am I gonna do with the veil? and as I answered her I'm entering a contest for friend's big project. She was so nice for sponsoring me the whole dress. But of course la I have to pay for the make up which I really don't mind! Sebab MURAH kot! with all her effort, I won the competition :) Yayyyy!! Gile jadik Ratu Kachi.. hehee.. was a good old days..

And the relationship does not end there. We always keep in touch. And now, I trust her very much to make me like a princess during my BIG DAY :)

Okay, back to the story, I visited her yesterday. The appointment was actually at 5.30pm but earlier that day, she SMS-ed me if I can move the appointment at 8pm, so I said yes. Understood that she was on the way from Kedah, she surely cannot make it in time. The effort for telling me earlier, is much appreciated. Tak de la I tertunggu2 kat depan butik dia tak? Adi and I arrived there at 7.30pm. We walked around and found a barber's shop. Adi had his new hair cut. After that, we went to the William's Corner (Well, it is a branch of William's Corner in PJ) at our meal was given 50% discount for the opening of the restaurant! Yay, I love discount!

Then we head to Ixora Couture KL, Kak Ayu was already there, and we discussed on the design, materials and colour of my 3-dresses. Kak Ayu buat all new for me :) Another YAY!!

Okay, here's some pictures during the visit, if you guys want to see her boutique, please do not hesitate to email me ok? Love!

First attempt: Testing different materials of veil

2nd attemp: Measuring the proper length of my veil

This is the lovely Kak Ayu, writing down notes so she won't forget of the instructions. She is an organized person.

This is her writing, the design of my three dresses, you just have to wait, OK?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Event: Merisik

Hello Wednesday!

Syok betul baru masuk first day kerja of the week terus hari Rabu. Kan best kalau every week macam ni kan? Sekali bos cakap, ‘baik you berhenti kerja terus!’ hahah.. sape nak jawab?

A story about the CNY holiday, I can say that it was a BLAST! Not that I am celebrating the CNY, it was beyond that! Hahaha.. Last Saturday, I telah dirisik oleh keluarga my boyfie. Okay, bila  I chek dekat Wikipedia, Merisik or the English term is ‘The investigation process’ hahaha.. amek kau!

But, what happened during my merisik was NOTHING like it! Yela, I have known my boyfie since 7 years ago and so his family and vice versa. It’s just that the families NEVER met with each other. So, my merisik was like sesi suai kenal between my family and Adi’s family. It was a very harmonic event.

Okay, kite flash back sikit. I sampai kampong on the Friday at night dalam pukul 12 malam kot. And the next day sangat2 kelam kabut sebab nak tolong2 mak masak. But, Alhamdulillah ramai sangat my relatives datang tolong. Thank you to Nenek Boni, Nek De, Wek Mah, Bik Atek, Bik Nani, Bik Chom, Auntie Peeka, cousins and everyone yang datang. Rewang macam kenduri bertunang! Hahah..

Okay, not telling you panjang lebar, just enjoy the pics taken during my merisik k? Love!

Rewang. Bile ade kenduri, rewang yang paling best sekali. Macam main masak-masak!

Okay, ye... dapur yang x semenggah. FYI, rumah I ni belum siap sepenuhnya, tapi gatai nak buat kenduri cepat2, hamek kau.. hehhe

My lovely cousins! Yang kecik tu si pengacau yang comel, yang besar tu, xlame lagi la kot akan mengikut, Insyallah

Okay, ni cousin 3 beradik yang personaliti dorg sangat berbeza. From left, Gun Gun (3rd), Fatin (1st) and Bazla (2nd)

FYI, ini adalah baju nikah emak I. Ye, dah muat pun. Baju ini tidak di alter sama sekali. Mak sy memang kurus dulu ok!

The arrival of Adi's family. Diserbu oleh kaum kerabat saya. Ini adalah lazim dilakukan oleh keluarga saya ketika menyambut tetamu. Tidak lah kami menunggu tetamu di depan pintu rumah. Kami sambut dari pintu kereta ok!

Makanan yang siap dihidang. Lauk utama adalah Jangan Lombok, Asam Pedas, Belacan, Ulam, Ayam Goreng, Rojak, Kuih muih dan Buah Tembikai..

Awwww.. Boyfie sy sangat handsome!

Sampai sampai terus makan!

Sesi menyarung cincin. Sesi ini diadakan disebelah tandas ye. sangat tidak senonoh! hahahha

Picture with Future Mother In Law sy yang sangat comel :)

Sesi tunjuk CINCIN!

Okay, lihat persamaan di antara boyfie sy and Future Father In Law. So, dah boleh imagine la muka boyfie sy bile dh tua nanti.. Herm..

Gambar kenangan kedua2 belah keluarga besar

Adi's family and My family

Yay, dah dirisik.. Herm, I think I can call him my fiance now!

Reject!!! Muka sgt tembam!

with Arish

Muka x senonoh tengah makan

Lagi satu muka x semenggah

Ehie, Fatin, ME, Bazla and Peeka. BTW, Peeka la yang make-up kn I during this event. I loike very2 much. sangat simple and x over

Showing off the RING!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Prep: Malam Berinai


I have always have the thought of wearing a traditional dress of java. Ye la, since I ni ade darah jawa, it'll be good if I'm wearing the java traditional dress kan? And Adi has to wear the sarong to suit with the theme. Hehe.. Here's some pictures taken from google. Love!

Nice kan?
Did you see the man wearing sarong?
I've found this baju in Melaka
Theme hijau ni pon menarik kan?

Official Vendor: Ixora Couture KL

Morning everyone!

Well, today I feel like telling you guys about a person who is responsible of designing and tailoring my akad nikah, reception and bertandang dress. If you read my previous entry, you would know. She is a friend of mine that I consider her more like a sister to me. Her name is Kak Ayu, the big person for Ixora Couture Kuala Lumpur. She has two branches in Kedah (Changloon and Jitra) and already opened another boutique at Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur. I tell you guys should go there (of course, by appointment)

I went there last night to accompany my friend. She was looking for the reception dress for her W-Day which will be in early May. One month earlier than my W-Day. According to her, Kak Ayu is very very very helpful! Yes, that is a must requirement if you want to consider of hiring someone as your designer. As I said earlier, please make an appointment if you want to see her because Kak Ayu cakap, senang kalau by appointment so she can 100% concentrate layan you all.. Xnak la nanti kalau you all main walk-in jea, tetibe ada customer lain yang dia tengah entertain, you all pulak kesian kan? So, it is very very important that you MUST make an appointment before you all datang okeh?

Herm, lagi satu hal, I nak upload picture boutique dia tapi I terlupa pulak nak tangkap gambar. boleh? It's okay, Insyallah by end of this month, I'll be there again with Adi to finalize everything! Till then, hope you have a wonderful day ahead! Love!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Prep: Centerpiece


Harini macam rajin sangat nk upload pictures regarding my wedding preps. Ye la pictures dah banyak and you can always google for ideas, right?

Ok, centerpiece ni for some people, not important at all. But for me, it is very very important. I don't just invite people to my wedding to makan jea kan, I want at least they can enjoy the beauty of the wedding (hopefully la).

Centerpiece ni you all boleh tempah or ask the wedding planner to prepare but you can also DIY. This is the best part for bride+groom yang budget like ME! So, I decided to just DIY for my centerpiece. My cousin did suggest to put picture of me and Adi as a centerpiece. Alamak, bukan xnak, tapi malu la.. Tapi best jugak idea tu kan?

Here's some examples of centerpiece. Hopefully you can get ideas from this as I am :) Love!

White tulip. Cantik kan?

Oh, I think I got this one from DIY Wedding

Simple yet so cute!

Wedding Prep: Wedding Cake

Hi eveyone!

Since the excitement of the W-Day is coming, I would like to share some pictures of how I want my wedding to look and be like. Pictures are taken from various sources but unfortunately I don't remember where specifically I got them from. I am so sorry that I'm unable to put credit to some of the pictures. If you are rajin enough to blog walking, especially to the B2B blogs, you might find there's s same pictures.

Well today, I'm gonna share with you all how I want my wedding cake to look like. Since my reception wedding theme is Pearl White + Peach, so, I want my cake to comply with the theme. Here's some picture!

Very simple yet so elegant!

Cute and Sassy

Variable of design that I'm considering

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Third Semeste, Exam is Over!!

Dear All,

It's been quite some times I didn't update my blog.. I am at the office right now. Well, I forgot to bring my 'life' which is my external hard drive which contain all my work stuff! So, I guess, today would be my inefficient day at work.

Okay, now that exam is over, I will have a full concentration and commitment towards my wedding planning. Planning is not a fun word ok. Trust me! But I guess, at the end of the day, you would feel very happy with whatever the outcome when you plan and execute it yourself. Yes, I will not be able to do lots of things for my wedding because if the time constraint. But, my family and relatives are there to support me :) I love them all.


Even there are people to help you with your wedding preparation, please do take some responsibility from it. Hello!! That is your wedding, NOT theirs, ok?

Well, now, I can peacefully plan and execute my wedding preparation. I am gonna email all my relatives for a sponsorship :) Hahaha.. something that relatives do, right?

Here's the other thing, I love, which is  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE blog-walking. Especially the wedding blog. They are so inspiring! Well, basically they share tips, DIY stuff, pictures of their desired dais, dress and so on. And, I was thinking to do that too. It is not just for my own benefits as it may inspire others too, right?

I thought I'm gonna start one of my favorite wedding cakes, UNFORTUNATELY,  as I mentioned earlier, I forgot to bring my external hard drive which not only contained my work stuff but also my wedding stuff (it's actually classified as work stuff, because that is something I am working out too!)

But, it's okay, I will update you guys later! Please bear with me, okay?

Till then,