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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Prep: Centerpiece


Harini macam rajin sangat nk upload pictures regarding my wedding preps. Ye la pictures dah banyak and you can always google for ideas, right?

Ok, centerpiece ni for some people, not important at all. But for me, it is very very important. I don't just invite people to my wedding to makan jea kan, I want at least they can enjoy the beauty of the wedding (hopefully la).

Centerpiece ni you all boleh tempah or ask the wedding planner to prepare but you can also DIY. This is the best part for bride+groom yang budget like ME! So, I decided to just DIY for my centerpiece. My cousin did suggest to put picture of me and Adi as a centerpiece. Alamak, bukan xnak, tapi malu la.. Tapi best jugak idea tu kan?

Here's some examples of centerpiece. Hopefully you can get ideas from this as I am :) Love!

White tulip. Cantik kan?

Oh, I think I got this one from DIY Wedding

Simple yet so cute!

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