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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Official Vendor: Ixora Couture KL

Morning everyone!

Well, today I feel like telling you guys about a person who is responsible of designing and tailoring my akad nikah, reception and bertandang dress. If you read my previous entry, you would know. She is a friend of mine that I consider her more like a sister to me. Her name is Kak Ayu, the big person for Ixora Couture Kuala Lumpur. She has two branches in Kedah (Changloon and Jitra) and already opened another boutique at Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur. I tell you guys should go there (of course, by appointment)

I went there last night to accompany my friend. She was looking for the reception dress for her W-Day which will be in early May. One month earlier than my W-Day. According to her, Kak Ayu is very very very helpful! Yes, that is a must requirement if you want to consider of hiring someone as your designer. As I said earlier, please make an appointment if you want to see her because Kak Ayu cakap, senang kalau by appointment so she can 100% concentrate layan you all.. Xnak la nanti kalau you all main walk-in jea, tetibe ada customer lain yang dia tengah entertain, you all pulak kesian kan? So, it is very very important that you MUST make an appointment before you all datang okeh?

Herm, lagi satu hal, I nak upload picture boutique dia tapi I terlupa pulak nak tangkap gambar. boleh? It's okay, Insyallah by end of this month, I'll be there again with Adi to finalize everything! Till then, hope you have a wonderful day ahead! Love!

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