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Monday, January 30, 2012

Officail Vendor: Pelamin - Ixora Couture KL #2

Hello Monday!

My weekend was so hectic! I want to tell you about one particular event which is about my vendor. I will make an entry about all my vendor which will be like this:-
:: Pre -VENDOR :: (before the wedding)
:: Review - VENDOR :: (after the wedding)

Okay? Today, I will start with the most important one!. Since I visited her yesterday to finalize my baju-baju.

Presenting to you!........... Ixora Couture Kuala Lumpur!

For your all kind information, Ixora Couture Kuala Lumpur is responsible for making my engagement/ solemnization dress, reception (my side) and reception (my best half). The owner of the boutique is my own friend which I considered her as my sister because she is super super super NICE!

Not that I want to kiss her ass off but honestly from the bottom of my heart, she is very nice. I've known her since my third semester back when I was studing in UUM. The first time we met was actually looking for a veil. She was actually asking me what am I gonna do with the veil? and as I answered her I'm entering a contest for friend's big project. She was so nice for sponsoring me the whole dress. But of course la I have to pay for the make up which I really don't mind! Sebab MURAH kot! with all her effort, I won the competition :) Yayyyy!! Gile jadik Ratu Kachi.. hehee.. was a good old days..

And the relationship does not end there. We always keep in touch. And now, I trust her very much to make me like a princess during my BIG DAY :)

Okay, back to the story, I visited her yesterday. The appointment was actually at 5.30pm but earlier that day, she SMS-ed me if I can move the appointment at 8pm, so I said yes. Understood that she was on the way from Kedah, she surely cannot make it in time. The effort for telling me earlier, is much appreciated. Tak de la I tertunggu2 kat depan butik dia tak? Adi and I arrived there at 7.30pm. We walked around and found a barber's shop. Adi had his new hair cut. After that, we went to the William's Corner (Well, it is a branch of William's Corner in PJ) at our meal was given 50% discount for the opening of the restaurant! Yay, I love discount!

Then we head to Ixora Couture KL, Kak Ayu was already there, and we discussed on the design, materials and colour of my 3-dresses. Kak Ayu buat all new for me :) Another YAY!!

Okay, here's some pictures during the visit, if you guys want to see her boutique, please do not hesitate to email me ok? Love!

First attempt: Testing different materials of veil

2nd attemp: Measuring the proper length of my veil

This is the lovely Kak Ayu, writing down notes so she won't forget of the instructions. She is an organized person.

This is her writing, the design of my three dresses, you just have to wait, OK?

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