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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Third Semeste, Exam is Over!!

Dear All,

It's been quite some times I didn't update my blog.. I am at the office right now. Well, I forgot to bring my 'life' which is my external hard drive which contain all my work stuff! So, I guess, today would be my inefficient day at work.

Okay, now that exam is over, I will have a full concentration and commitment towards my wedding planning. Planning is not a fun word ok. Trust me! But I guess, at the end of the day, you would feel very happy with whatever the outcome when you plan and execute it yourself. Yes, I will not be able to do lots of things for my wedding because if the time constraint. But, my family and relatives are there to support me :) I love them all.


Even there are people to help you with your wedding preparation, please do take some responsibility from it. Hello!! That is your wedding, NOT theirs, ok?

Well, now, I can peacefully plan and execute my wedding preparation. I am gonna email all my relatives for a sponsorship :) Hahaha.. something that relatives do, right?

Here's the other thing, I love, which is  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE blog-walking. Especially the wedding blog. They are so inspiring! Well, basically they share tips, DIY stuff, pictures of their desired dais, dress and so on. And, I was thinking to do that too. It is not just for my own benefits as it may inspire others too, right?

I thought I'm gonna start one of my favorite wedding cakes, UNFORTUNATELY,  as I mentioned earlier, I forgot to bring my external hard drive which not only contained my work stuff but also my wedding stuff (it's actually classified as work stuff, because that is something I am working out too!)

But, it's okay, I will update you guys later! Please bear with me, okay?

Till then,


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Illias Masri said...

Only exam is over, your third semester is not over yet... Hoho..~