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Monday, February 27, 2012

Wedding Prep: HIV Test

Hello Monday!

Sebenarnye, nk tulis entry ni dah lame. Tapi macam2 problem la pulak + malas. Boleh? Okay, Adi and I went to KK Taman Botanik at Klang. The place was such a peaceful place sebab tak ramai orang. The procedure is simple, ambil borang > isi > hanta semula borang dikaunter > bayar RM1 > pergi makmal > tunggu keputusan > pergi ke kaunter 14 letak borang kat bilik doctor > tunggu nama dipanggil > pemeriksaan dengan doctor (hanya perempuan sahaja) > ambil surat putih > SELESAI

Mudah kan? Anda dinasihatkan untuk buat appointment dulu :) Layan gambar2 kat bawah ni eyh?

Borang kasi isi dulu

Borang utk perempuan byk sikit sbb kna isi pre-pregnancy form

ok, muka saya mmg mcm org x mandi kalo x make-up

haha. Adi and I looked so chubby

No giliran

Lab assistant yg sgt sporting

x byk pon darah..

kaunter 14

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Prep: Henna

Hi lads and all the b2b!

This entry is specially for b2b from Melaka. But I rs, utk semua org pon boleh. I ran through all blogs yg recommend henna artist ni. And I found this gir. She is actually a b2b also. Weeee...

I cite dari mula eyh? I dah lame cari henna artist. In fact I ade kawan henna artist. She did quote to me, which is RM270 (and utk b2b bajet macam sy ni, sgt la pricey) I know, susah nak cari henna artist dengan harga yg murah. Jangan harap la. So, I came cross this blog and viola! Kebetulan, she is doing promotion for henna services.. 30%!! Sape xnak kan kan kan?? Pakej ape yg I amek, rahsia la eyh? Tapi for me, sgt berbaloi. I dh tnye Adi about this and he said, if I think that is the best price I can get, why not kan? I dh booked pon de for my event! Yayyy!.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images
Kawan2, sila la melawat blog dia eyh? Benda baik, HARUS la dikepoh-kepohkan, tak gitu? 

From our conversation through FB masages, she is really really nice. And I hope she'd do miracle kat jari2 I during my nikah nanti.. Can't wait! Love!

Bridezilla mode is ON!

Hello Wednesday!

Yes, the mode is officially ON! with a very tight budget + little time i have to finish everything! Dengan rumah x siap lagik. Adoiiiii.. 

Okay, one at a time Etie.. Tomorrow will be going to KK Bandar Botanik for HIV Test and straight to the Intekma UiTM untuk setelkan study leave.Yes, I have to apply for study leave simply because my exam date will be the same as my wedding. So, menurut konsep ekonomi, KOS MELEPAS! hahah.. gile kelakar translate dalam BM. Hopefully you guys have a great day ok!

Ok, nak cite pasal my Master. I just received the result through e-mail. Alhamdulillah, all three subjects LULUS. So, hopefully boleh buat wedding preparation dgn senang hati. And sem depan terpaksa dipostpone. And akan bersambung selepas selesai semua majlis. Orang cakap, lepas kawin nanti, lagi tenang jiwa kita. Jadi, nak belajar pon xde masalah and boleh belajar dengan tenang. Ade husband, parents and husband's parents to give support, lagi rmai orang support kita, lagik byk orang doakan kejayaan kita, betul x? Hopefully final semster nanti, I can pass with flying colours and rasanya pegi honeymoon pas abes final semester la kot. Love

The toughest period

It's 2.51am when I am writing this. I am so restless. Too many things to think. Yes, I am going through the toughest period of my life. I don't care of what people think of me. Because they ain't know nothing about me. I am a bit relief. He said that everything's gonna be fine. Seriously, only Allah SWT knows what it is inside.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wedding Prep: Cloth for Family & Bridesmaids

Good morning Monday!

How you guys doing? Tadi I bace entry from a blogger, As nama dia. I ade follow de, tp maybe de x perasan kot sbb rmai betul blogger follow her blog. Hehehe.. Okay, I terbaca entry pasal her preparing kain2 for family. I like her theme, Royal Purple + Soft Grey. I think, it's quite different and unique.

I pon had prepared cloths for all my bridesmaid and family. 
For nikah, I asked my bridesmaid to wear turqoise/blue/softgreen color. I just sponsored kain for reception only which is Peach. 
Kain for bridesmaids
As for my family pulak, during nikah, I have bought them kain warna hijau/ turqoise, sorry sgt2, I really can't decide about the color sbb I ni macam dah buta warna pulak.. And warna dua2 tu, xnmpak any different for me. And for reception, I beli kain warna peach jugak. But for family, special sikit la sebab sulam penuh kat baju :)
Ala.. gambar nanti I upload k? Lupe plak gambar tu.. Love!
Kain for family for nikah ceremony
Kain sulam for family

Friday, February 17, 2012

My obsession

Hello Friday

Today I don't feel updating about wedding stuff because I am not sure anymore where it's going.. So, I'm gonna write about my current obsession!

AEROBIC! Yes, I always wanted to have my old shape. You have no idea how skinny I was before. Last time I checked, my weight now is 54.1kg and I'm not gonna tell lie about my weight because some girls think it is sensitive to talk about weights, age and many other things. But surely not to me. I am being very very very honest about it. I gained 54.1kg after less than 2 weeks doing workout as previously I was like 55.8kgs? I used to be 45kgs / 46kgs during uni, but since I started working, I gained tremendously.

So, it is very important to have a good healthy eating habit lifestyle. Not just because we want to lose weight or be in shape, we want to be healthy. I used to do aerobic by myself at home. It's fun at first but I am not motivated enaugh to do it alone. It was not fun at all. So, I decided to register for a gym membership. For me, it's quite cheap compared to other gyms. It's just a normal gym but I like most about it is the 3-times aerobic class which holds on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I get all my sweat out! It's fun because there's a lot of people who enjoy aerobic, all of them have the same target so we always motivate each other! That's good! And, the gym I am in is only for ladiesssssss... So, no guys allowed. It gives all the freedom for the ladies and not ashamed of everyone else :) 

So, that's all from me for today, I will update more about anything that I find is very interesting. Last speech, I would like to encaurage people/ ladies out there to be healthy! Love!
source: Google Images

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My heart is saying...

I have pens, I have papers. I’ve been told that if I have anything that bothering me, I can tell you stories. Even I have pens; I cannot write what I feel inside on papers. Even I have my lips; I cannot spell them out to someone that I don’t expect to understand. I feel so stressed out, I feel so disappointed, I feel so upset. I can’t say anything because I already know the answer. I can’t convince anything nor explain everything because I know I have zero chances of getting what I meant.

Yes, I found this the most difficult situation to deal with. I hate the heartaches. I hate the fast heart beats inside me, I hate when typing this, tears actually falling to my cheeks without stopping. I am going crazy. I’m afraid I can’t continue this anymore. I’m afraid all will be wasted. Sometimes I feel like I don’t worth of anything. Even you said I’m worth of everything. Yes, you said but you don’t mean it. Yes, sort of.

If you think that I am being unreasonable, be it. I know my reasons. I know why. I intentionally don’t want to tell you out loud because knowing you, its 50-50 that you would understand. Or, I don’t know you enough.

I had a sleepless night. I’m pretending to be fine when actually I don’t. And you still don’t get it. I thought our story is going to be about us. It is so upset that world does not revolve around me. It is more upset that world which I had in mind was you, does not revolve around me too… I am hopeless, I know. I just knew…

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tear Us Apart

So in love with this song. I'd love to dedicate this song to my sweet baby, Adi Razlan :). Love!

from the first time we met each other
i knew that we'd be together
i saw in your eyes
it's just a matter of time

don't know if this feels like the real thing
tell me what to do and where do i begin
don't know where to start
should i let you in my heart?

and all it took was one touch, one kiss
i've never felt a love like this
i pray, i wish we can have this forever

i told you from the very start
it's always gonna be about us
just don't go and break my heart
baby don't go and break my heart
i knew that we would make it this far
no nothing's gonna tear us apart
just don't go and break my heart
baby don't go and break my heart

girl you know now that we're together
i won't leave your side forever
you know that i'm yours
baby you're my only girl in the world

now i have no reason to be alone
fell in love with you, you are now my home
i'll always be true
i see no one else but you

and all it took was one touch, one kiss
i've never felt a love like this
i pray, i wish we can have this forever

i told you from the very start
it's always gonna be about us
just don't go and break my heart
baby don't go and break my heart
i knew that we would make it this far
no nothing's gonna tear us apart
just don't go and break my heart
baby don't go and break my heart

Love you forever!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wedding Prep: Card Hunting #2

Hi Sunday!

Remember about previous entry pasal MyOneCard Marketing? Ok, pertemuan tgh hari tadi dengan Yati (Asst. Manager, Pertama branch) tadi ended up with a positive outcome. All the misunderstanding dapat di-clear kan.. Ok la. dun want to talk much about it. So, we (Adi and I) have decided on the design of the card, the boxes, hardcover card for VIP, pictures for buntings and envelope design. We have to make 2 different design for the envelope as my abah insisted to put his and emak's picture on the envelope (so, his+her friends tau la majlis sape) and I dun really mind sbb confirm2 yang ramai jemputan adalah dikalangan kawan2 both of my parents. Just have to add rm50 for that. 

Sepatutnya harini I nak pass baju bridesmaid to Lynn. punye la confident cakap nak jumpe de kat Pertama to give the kain. Lepas abis discussion baru I sedar yg kain tu I letak kat my car. I pergi Pertama with Adi's car! ces!! sengal nak mampos. Ni semua gara2 motor2 yang terbakar rentung kat bawah rumah I. punye la excited terus ke kereta Adi masa dia sampai and excited cerita pasal motor2 yang terbakar tu, sampai lupe nak amek kain dlm kereta I which I was thinking earlier before I came down. xpe la.. since I terlupe kain tu, I ajak Lynn join kteorg shopping for bedsheet and comforter. Before that, my baby darling mucuk2 (ngengade) suggested to have lunch dulu. So, we decided to have lunch kat kedai nasi padang kat satu building Depo Hauz. Ok la.. but I recommend kalo u all nak makan kat sana, better amek menu2 goreng je, sebab murah. Nasi padang berlauk, NOT RECOMMEND! sebab mahal nak mampos! Total for the three of us pnye makan is rm50++ gile ke ape? I mkn meehon sup, lynn makan kuew teow and my baby makan nasi padang (lauk ayam + sambal kentang + sayu + kuah kari).. YES, nasi padang + lauk2 tu la yg mahal gile ok! 
Kesian Lynn, buat penat je datang tapi kain lak boleh tertinggal.. hehe.. xpe, Selasa ni kite hangout pas keje ok!

Tada, akan di-show off during my wedding nnt! sabar...

Okay, actually before we went to Pertama, we entered the Depo Hauz dulu because Adi needed to 'lepaskan hajat'. Sambil nak tunggu dia, I jalan2 la sekeliling Depo Hauz and stuck at the bedsheet+comforter set and tersuka dekat cotton set. seriously, very simple and cantik and super comfy. xsabar nak pasang kat my katil (which belum ada lagi). hahaha.. Adi suka satu design ni, tp sygnye xde queen size. yang ade cuma king size. takpe la, nak buat macam mana. dah xde rezeki. Lynn ajak pergi Sogo sebab katanya selalu Sogo mesti ade discount. Seriously, I x pernah shopping kat Sogo. This was my first time. jalan2... belek2.. and Adi suka kat satu set ni.. and very2 nice.. I pon suke.. Actually, I yang tunjuk kat de. and he likes it too! Yang ni kteorang plan nak letak kat bilik rumah Adi. Total damage (very fortunate damage) is rm386.70 for both sets ok! berbaloi2! Till then, Love!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding Prep: Vendor Pelamin

Ha.... suspen x baca title entry ni?? Saja nak buat gimmick.
Actually I nk cerita pasal potential vendor which I think, I akan reject kowt. Pelik betul la dengan certain vendor. Cerita de mcm ni.. I pegi PM satu vendor pelamin ni. Since everything dah ada, so, I just need the pelamin la. So, nak dijadikan cerita, I PM la de mntk de email kat I price utk package pelamin. De pon email la kat I pakej pelamin tu. Macam-macam la.. FYI, I mintak pakej pelamin rumah (sebab majlis I nanti buat kat rumah jea).

Dalam email de, de ade la tulis yang mereka hanya mengambil satu wedding dalam sehari untuk memastikan kualiti kerja dan yang PALING PENTING mereka bekerja mengikut bajet pelanggan..

I sent another email to him with an attachments (picture pelamin yang I berkenan sgt2) and I reply sekali “Boleh x u buat pelamin ikut bajet i. I nak pelamin sahaja. Ni contoh pelamin yang I suke”

And what makes me so surprise was that de reply macam ni “… harga pelamin kami rm1800 ke atas”

WTH?? Ni la antara vendor yang cakap x serupa ape yang ditulis.. kate bekerja mengikut bajet pelanggan, tapi de dah tetapkan pelamin mereka kononya start with rm1800 and above! Orang macam ni pon ade ke??

Xpela.. xde rezeki I. I belive, byk lagi vendor2 pelamin yang boleh buat lg cantik ikut kehendak and bajet I. I ni bukannye org yang x reasonable. I don’t care la org cakp xpe la kalo pelamin mahal2 sbb kawen cume sekali seumur hidup. For me, I am totally NOT AGREE. This is simply sbb kte kawin sekali (cuma sehari) la kita tidak patut membazir. p/s: ini utk pengantin bajet mcm I yang xde $$$ tapi masih mengkehendaki hasil kerja yang bagus.

I paham, I rasa, kalo pelamin tu, worth or the paying, I langsung xkisah. Tapi, u belum lg tunjuk kerja you and you pon bukan nye vendor yg fofular, haruskah u bersikap macam tu? Or, I je yg sensitip sgt? 

Wedding Prep: Card Hunting

Hello Thursday!

Just a quick update (I hope). This entry is supposed to be updated on last Sunday night but I was too busy with things. Yes! Today, gonna tell you about the ‘wedding card-hunting’. To tell you, Adi and I have already booked and paid a deposit for the wedding card, from MyOneCard Marketing. I only realized that there are some ‘bad reviews’ about them. But I hope, mine should be no problem *finger-cross*

Okay, during the wedding fair organized by Urban Vibe at Ampang Point last year (in December), we booked the wedding-card company as our vendor. For me, the price is kinda worth it la. Because, we ordered for 2000pcs or cards, and we going to get 2000 free small boxes, 100 VIP boxes, 100 hardcover cards and 4 buntings for FREE. Who doesn’t love FREE THING, right?

We were attended by Yati, the Asst. Manager (Pertama branch). So I did asked her about everything for the things we gonna get. I asked her whether I can design the boxes according to the card’s design and she said YES! And one thing for sure, I did say to her macam ni > Jangan sekarang you ckp semua boleh, by the time I datang kedai you, you cakap x boleh pulak< and she confirmed that she can do what I have asked.

On last Sunday, I went to Pudu Branch (because she said that there are lots of designs available at Pudu branch). So, King was entertaining us. He was very nice and friendly and helped us a lot during our visit. The thing is, when I asked him about the VIP and free boxes, he said that we can’t customize because the boxes are ready boxes. WTH! I explained to him about my conversation with Yati during the wedding fair. He said nicely to me, which I’m very appreciate of, it is best for me to call Yati to confirm.

Here I tell you, I am gonna meet Yati to discuss about this, and hopefully she’ll hold on to her word as what she promised me during the wedding-fair. Yesterday (Wednesday) I called Yati and told her about my conversation with King. She asked me if I can come to Pertama Complex to discuss about this. So I agreed. After confirmed the appointment, I’m going to their Pertama branch this Sunday.

Here's some pictures during that day. Love!

Me, in front of the MyOneCard Marketing, Pudu branch. Please ignore my gemuk-ness

My baby boo, writing down the information to be included in the card