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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding Prep: Card Hunting

Hello Thursday!

Just a quick update (I hope). This entry is supposed to be updated on last Sunday night but I was too busy with things. Yes! Today, gonna tell you about the ‘wedding card-hunting’. To tell you, Adi and I have already booked and paid a deposit for the wedding card, from MyOneCard Marketing. I only realized that there are some ‘bad reviews’ about them. But I hope, mine should be no problem *finger-cross*

Okay, during the wedding fair organized by Urban Vibe at Ampang Point last year (in December), we booked the wedding-card company as our vendor. For me, the price is kinda worth it la. Because, we ordered for 2000pcs or cards, and we going to get 2000 free small boxes, 100 VIP boxes, 100 hardcover cards and 4 buntings for FREE. Who doesn’t love FREE THING, right?

We were attended by Yati, the Asst. Manager (Pertama branch). So I did asked her about everything for the things we gonna get. I asked her whether I can design the boxes according to the card’s design and she said YES! And one thing for sure, I did say to her macam ni > Jangan sekarang you ckp semua boleh, by the time I datang kedai you, you cakap x boleh pulak< and she confirmed that she can do what I have asked.

On last Sunday, I went to Pudu Branch (because she said that there are lots of designs available at Pudu branch). So, King was entertaining us. He was very nice and friendly and helped us a lot during our visit. The thing is, when I asked him about the VIP and free boxes, he said that we can’t customize because the boxes are ready boxes. WTH! I explained to him about my conversation with Yati during the wedding fair. He said nicely to me, which I’m very appreciate of, it is best for me to call Yati to confirm.

Here I tell you, I am gonna meet Yati to discuss about this, and hopefully she’ll hold on to her word as what she promised me during the wedding-fair. Yesterday (Wednesday) I called Yati and told her about my conversation with King. She asked me if I can come to Pertama Complex to discuss about this. So I agreed. After confirmed the appointment, I’m going to their Pertama branch this Sunday.

Here's some pictures during that day. Love!

Me, in front of the MyOneCard Marketing, Pudu branch. Please ignore my gemuk-ness

My baby boo, writing down the information to be included in the card

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