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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Prep: Henna

Hi lads and all the b2b!

This entry is specially for b2b from Melaka. But I rs, utk semua org pon boleh. I ran through all blogs yg recommend henna artist ni. And I found this gir. She is actually a b2b also. Weeee...

I cite dari mula eyh? I dah lame cari henna artist. In fact I ade kawan henna artist. She did quote to me, which is RM270 (and utk b2b bajet macam sy ni, sgt la pricey) I know, susah nak cari henna artist dengan harga yg murah. Jangan harap la. So, I came cross this blog and viola! Kebetulan, she is doing promotion for henna services.. 30%!! Sape xnak kan kan kan?? Pakej ape yg I amek, rahsia la eyh? Tapi for me, sgt berbaloi. I dh tnye Adi about this and he said, if I think that is the best price I can get, why not kan? I dh booked pon de for my event! Yayyy!.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images
Kawan2, sila la melawat blog dia eyh? Benda baik, HARUS la dikepoh-kepohkan, tak gitu? 

From our conversation through FB masages, she is really really nice. And I hope she'd do miracle kat jari2 I during my nikah nanti.. Can't wait! Love!

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