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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wedding Prep: Cloth for Family & Bridesmaids

Good morning Monday!

How you guys doing? Tadi I bace entry from a blogger, As nama dia. I ade follow de, tp maybe de x perasan kot sbb rmai betul blogger follow her blog. Hehehe.. Okay, I terbaca entry pasal her preparing kain2 for family. I like her theme, Royal Purple + Soft Grey. I think, it's quite different and unique.

I pon had prepared cloths for all my bridesmaid and family. 
For nikah, I asked my bridesmaid to wear turqoise/blue/softgreen color. I just sponsored kain for reception only which is Peach. 
Kain for bridesmaids
As for my family pulak, during nikah, I have bought them kain warna hijau/ turqoise, sorry sgt2, I really can't decide about the color sbb I ni macam dah buta warna pulak.. And warna dua2 tu, xnmpak any different for me. And for reception, I beli kain warna peach jugak. But for family, special sikit la sebab sulam penuh kat baju :)
Ala.. gambar nanti I upload k? Lupe plak gambar tu.. Love!
Kain for family for nikah ceremony
Kain sulam for family


Nisa Shafie said...

is it turqoise and orange? just like my colour.. pretty rite?? =) come and be my follower too.. i pon baru juga.. =)

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Sure thing!

Anis_Apis said...

nice color...

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Thank you babe :)

Anonymous said...

Etie..my family pon pakai peach gak..beli kat jackle ada sale last year hehe.. Eh uols follow I jugak tau http://ilovemylifeiloveyou.blogspot.com. :)