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Friday, February 17, 2012

My obsession

Hello Friday

Today I don't feel updating about wedding stuff because I am not sure anymore where it's going.. So, I'm gonna write about my current obsession!

AEROBIC! Yes, I always wanted to have my old shape. You have no idea how skinny I was before. Last time I checked, my weight now is 54.1kg and I'm not gonna tell lie about my weight because some girls think it is sensitive to talk about weights, age and many other things. But surely not to me. I am being very very very honest about it. I gained 54.1kg after less than 2 weeks doing workout as previously I was like 55.8kgs? I used to be 45kgs / 46kgs during uni, but since I started working, I gained tremendously.

So, it is very important to have a good healthy eating habit lifestyle. Not just because we want to lose weight or be in shape, we want to be healthy. I used to do aerobic by myself at home. It's fun at first but I am not motivated enaugh to do it alone. It was not fun at all. So, I decided to register for a gym membership. For me, it's quite cheap compared to other gyms. It's just a normal gym but I like most about it is the 3-times aerobic class which holds on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I get all my sweat out! It's fun because there's a lot of people who enjoy aerobic, all of them have the same target so we always motivate each other! That's good! And, the gym I am in is only for ladiesssssss... So, no guys allowed. It gives all the freedom for the ladies and not ashamed of everyone else :) 

So, that's all from me for today, I will update more about anything that I find is very interesting. Last speech, I would like to encaurage people/ ladies out there to be healthy! Love!
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