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Thursday, March 29, 2012

HoneyMoon: MINIMOON, checked!

Hi b2bs/ readers!

I just made a reservation for Adi & I's MINIMOON! Yayyyy!!

Huk huk huk.. Minimoon kiteorg will be in Malaysia since we all tak dapat cuti panjang. This MiniMoon pon kiteorang akan pergi after reception belah I selesai and before his side's reception. So, sekejap jea.. Nak pergi grand honeymoon kene tunggu abes belajar. Which is next year! Sedey... Tapi nak buat cam mana kan??

Lokasi MiniMoon kteorang adalah dirahsiakan :) Nanti la I cite bile dah balik from MiniMoon tu ey? Super excited! < erk.. gatal di situ ye.. Love!

Things to do before/ after kawen!

Here goes the list that I want to do with myself before and after kawen!

1. Spa treatment - not yet
2. Slimming treatment - already bought the package and present to Ehie (my sister) - Ongoing
3. Gym membership - done!
4. Manicure + Padicure - not yet
5. Hair coloring - dah cakap kat Adi and he said YES!- done!

1. Hair rebonding/ relaxing - done! x menyempat tunggu after wedding
2. Hair cut - still consider it
3. Honeymoon - harap maklum, I and Adi xde buat apa2 preparation for honeymoon pon ok. We don't even buy any honeymoon package yet!

I rasa that's all la kot. If tibe2 ade lagik yang teringin nak buat, akan diletakkan di dalam entry ini from time to time.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hi again...

I ade satu dilema berkenaan dengan my name. Okay, my full name is Nuzulul Fatehanie. Masalahnya sekarang, nama apa yang I nak letakkan untuk signage (penunjuk arah) ye? Sebab, my close friends know me as 'Etie', my co-workers, gym-mates, current housemates know me as 'Hanie'. So, nama apa yang ringkas patut I guna ye?




???? Huarghhhh!! Please help before I go with 'NUZULUL FATEHANIE'

UiTM Special Leave Procedure

How are you Tuesday?

As some of you may know that I am seeking the approval for Special Leave/ Study Leave. Actually the first reason was to concerntrate on my wedding. But, turned out that I was given a huge workload at my company as I had been appointed as a Project Manager in some projects. Yes, the first reason was un-relevant. Never give such excuse to apply for a study leave. Luckly, I have other bigger reason to why I should apply for the study leave.

There are some issues in between the processes happened. But Alhamdulillah, now my application has been approved :) 

Please take note that this process is applicable for Part-time Master Student at UiTM. Here's the steps should be taken to apply for the study leave.

1. Find a good/ relevant reason - This is the most important because the approval would be based on your reason. Please take note that marriage is NOT a relevant reason! My reason was to commit with my work and it has been supported with a support letter from my company. For your kind information, the special leave is actually to be granted for students that has a medical impact. But, must get a letter from the doctor saying that you are not able to continue or to attend class for the entire semester.

2. Get a Special Leave Form from Ipsis (Institute of Graduate Studies), and complete the form. Please keep in mind that you cannot take one day to process and submit the application. I will tell you why...

3. Get a support signature from your supervisor and dean of the faculty. This may take few days or weeks. In my case, they need to bring my application to the committee meeting chaired by the Dean of the faculty. It took me 2 weeks.

4. You will receive a call from the faculty to ask you to take the signed form (approved) and you may need to proceed to pay RM50 for admin fee at Level 3, at Ipsis building. After that you have to make 2 sets of photocopy of the form, resit, and support letter and send it to Level 1 (for Coursework). You can photocopy at the Graduate room but you must bring your own A4 paper. I didn't bring mine (because I don't know about it) So, I went to Section 2 just to make a photocopy of this d*** thing. Yang ni I geram sikit, I asked the receptionist if she can give me the papers but she said "it's for office purpose ONLY". Memang geram la. But when you are determined enaugh, you would do anything to get things done, right?

5. The last step, you have to go to your faculty and return one copy for your faculty use. You may have to week at least one week to receive a letter from Ipsis :)

Last but not least, if you think my explaination is not clear enaugh, please contact me at my e-mail nuzulul.fatehanie@gmail.com for any queries. I will try my best to answer all of your questions regarding Special Leave. Love!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bila Dia Bersuara

Hi readers!

Tibe2 I teringat my conversation with Adi after dinner semalam.

Adi : Sayang, mana kite nak cari wedding songs for the wedding?
Me : Ala, kita download je la lagu2 kite suke
Adi : Tapi I rasa, kita kena letak lagu "Selamat Pengantin Baru" tu.. Kalau letak lagu english je, nanti orang igt wedding orang putih pulak
Me : Hahahah

Kesimpulannya, wedding song list belum ada lagi T_T

Wedding Prep: Wedding Theme #2

Hello Wednesday!

The clock is ticking yet, there are a lot of things undone! Takutnye...

If you looked at the wedding progress' tab, seems that there are quite numbers yang I dh checked. Tapi.... bende penting sekali which is Main Pelamin masih pending! Hopefully by end of this month I boleh balik kampung and setle with the vendor!

Okay, I want to share with you guys my dream wedding theme. If you read here, Peach Pastel is my wedding theme and for Adi's side is Blue Pastel. I just love pastel color. Maybe I ni bukannye putih orangnye, kulit Asia standard la. Sbb tu I don't prefer too brigth or too dark sebab warna2 tersebut akan menegenggelamkan saya dan pasangan sebagai raja sehari.. But, Adi has a fair skin tone, jeles! Macam cina. waaa... nanti groom nampak lagik menyerlah la daripada bride. Baby, you better keep yourself low ok? muahahahhaa...

Okay, here's enjoy the pictures. All pictures taken from google images :) Love!

Well on that day, I'll still be wearing white dress and a lil bit of peach's touch and my bridesmaids are all be wearing peach!

Cantik kan this centerpiece? Kalau xnak jdkan centerpiece, buat HB pon sgt ok kan?

Nice peach pastel

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tersedak ke?

Hello Tuesday!

First of all, I just want to say that I don't have any disrespect or whatsoever towards anybody else. I just spilling out my true voice. 

Semua mesti tertanya-tanye kenapa I cakap macam tu kan?

If you all a member of B2B 2012, you all akan or xkan perasan that I have comment on someone's pnye post. Well I did not comment anything bad. Or is it bad when I am stating the truth? I have no idea.

But it is disrespect for me when you private message me to delete my comment and when I looked again at it, you already deleted for me? Thanks but no thanks! If you nak berniaga, I hope you berniaga dengan ikhlas. Kenapa you nak takut and terasa macam I ni nak penuhkan periuk nasi you dengan pasir ye? Well, I have no such intention. Sebabnye, saya bukan peniaga macam awak. I joined the group because I want to share anything good relating the wedding preparation and self preparation towards our BIG DAY! and I think, group tu if for sharing among B2B. It's their decision and consideration whether they want your product or not. I don't know how much you charge your buyer for a product that all of us can get somewhere else at I think is cheaper (Well, I said I think, because I have no idea how much you charge them). Orang boleh judge sendiri barang you jual and they are wise enough to buy or not to buy from you. 

If you think that I am disrespect, I sincerely apologize.  Love!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello Monday!

First and foremost, I would like to thank The Almighty, Allah SWT for granting the opportunity to my parents to become one of the billions of His invited guests. Alhadulillah. Double syukur..

I terfikir to postpone my wedding but my parents cakap buat ape nk postpone. Bagus la tu. Senang Mak and Abah nak pergi nanti sebab I dh selamat jadi isteri orang. Tak de la dorg risau.

Tu je nak cerita. Teruja impian mak ngan abah tercapai lebih awal dari yang dirancang. Rezeki dorang nak terima menantu kot. Huhu..


Monday, March 5, 2012

Real Wedding: Yan & Husband

Yesterday I went to Yan's wedding, my friend back in UUM and UiTM. Couldn't say much about her wedding because everything was AWESOME! Tak sempat jumpa member2 lain. Jumpa Ira and Anip jea. Tapi xsempat tangkap gambar dengan dorang. huk huk.. semua pon x sempat!

The sunny could not stop the guest from arriving. Including us. I was abit late where Adi and I arrived approximately at 2pm. The reason, sebab ini...

Lama btul tnggu Q sbb rmai sangat2 orang. And most of them pon beli brg2 hadiah untuk pengantin
The pelamin was so gorjez! And I looked so chubby standing next to Yan. However, Yan looked so stunning. Sangat2 comel with the husband. So perfectly match from heaven! I wish Yan and husband always in happy and go with the marriage life with LOVE! Congrats again to the both of you! Nanti majlis I, jangan lupe datang ok!

The beautiful bride and groom and the chubby me T_T

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wedding Prep: Ring for Him

Not so happy with Sunday...

Why is the time moving so fast? I am not ready for another weekdays... Hohoho... Tersangat la malas. 
This weekend seperti biasa digunakan sebaik mungkin utk buat wedding prep.

Yesterday (Saturday), Adi and I went to The Mines. Matlamat, untuk mencari wedding ring for Adi. Mula-mula dulu, xde la plan nak beli ring to exchange wedding gift. Tapi, I la yang nak sangat Adi to have a ring. So that, people out there will know that he is TAKEN! hahha.. jahat gile. Okay ape. If I have to wear the ring, he also must wear it. Actually we intented to go to jewelery shop yang kiteorang pernah pergi survey for my wedding ring. Masa dulu, ternampak la wedding for groom. So, kiteorg dah aim that one day, we will come there again to get the ring. We ended up buying my wedding ring at different kedai/ brand.

So, untuk cincin Adi, nak la beli kat kedai tu. Tapi kiteorg dah 2, 3 kali tawaf Mines tu, still tak jumpa. We ended up at the Diamoney. I bought a platinum ring for Adi. Since, Diamoney ade buat sales (15% to 50%) for certain items, I get a good bargain for Adi's ring. One thing about my comel ni, he doesn't like diamond. So, sangat la susah nak cari cincin untuk dia. Dah la kedai tu nama Diamoney, sah sah la semua cincin ade diamond, ye tak? At last we found something that is really suits him nicely. The one that has no diamond! I love the ring that he chosed. So, without hesitation, I bought the ring as our wedding ring! yay!

The best thing about Diamoney, if you buy rings from them, when sooner or later you intend to change for the new ring, you can always trade-in the ring. But, you must bring along the receipt ok! Only at Diamoney. Just for sharing, Adi's ring exactly like this one. The one yang xde diamond tu. Nice kan? What do you all think? 

For your kind info, my comel ni xde la fancy sangat dengan cincin. Never in his life pakai cincin! Boleh percaya x? So, I want him to have a responsibilty to take care of this ring when I officially wear this to his finger as a symbolic for us to start a new beginning in our life together. Okay, nak cerita pasal his expression masa dapat cincin ni, he was like "NO-EXPRESSION"! Tak sama langsung dengan my reaction masa dia belikan cincin untuk I. Huh! x suke!!! I sampai tak dapat nak tahan air mata kot sebab de suruh I pilih cincin and he bought it! It was like WHAT?? Are you serious? And masa sales girl tu tengah nak kira2, I spontan cakap nak gi toilet. Padahal, I nangis kot kat toilet tu. Menangis kegembiraan. Okay, after the marriage, I will story more about my wedding ring ok? Till then, Love!

Dua cincin ni look so similar. It's just that one of them ada diamond, and the other one xada. Nice kan?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Prep: Wedding Theme

Hello Friday!
Hello b2b!

Thank God It's Friday! Yay!! Actually I tersangat la banyak kerja but decided to write something about my wedding theme. It's less than 3 months until the wedding. So scary! And why do I feel that I am yet not done ANYTHING? Gosh, next week I balik kampung nak confirmkan 100% with the pelamin idea with the vendor! Dayme! Itu pun x buat lagi nih. Guane???

Okay, harini I memang terasa sangat nak write something about my wedding theme. Since, everyone else dah menyatakan impian tema wedding masing2, why shouldn't I, right? I got few inspirations from bloggers and Thank you also to Google :) Ye la, sharing is caring kan?

Okay, I love pastel color. So I decided to go with Peach Pastel (PP) on my side, and Blue Pastel (BP) on Adi's side sebab Adi suka warna biru. Ala guys, when I checked back my wedding folder, tak ade pon warna PP yang I nak... Tak pe, nanti dah ade, I upload here ok? So sorry.. But, warna BP for Adi's side, macam ni.. Love!

Vey nice and sweet, don't you think? - Credit to Chenta Weddings

Warna BP yg I maksudkan, warna dress kat tgh2 ni. This color would be the color of my bertandang dress. And Adi will be wearing White Shirt + BP tie + Grey suit :)