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Monday, March 5, 2012

Real Wedding: Yan & Husband

Yesterday I went to Yan's wedding, my friend back in UUM and UiTM. Couldn't say much about her wedding because everything was AWESOME! Tak sempat jumpa member2 lain. Jumpa Ira and Anip jea. Tapi xsempat tangkap gambar dengan dorang. huk huk.. semua pon x sempat!

The sunny could not stop the guest from arriving. Including us. I was abit late where Adi and I arrived approximately at 2pm. The reason, sebab ini...

Lama btul tnggu Q sbb rmai sangat2 orang. And most of them pon beli brg2 hadiah untuk pengantin
The pelamin was so gorjez! And I looked so chubby standing next to Yan. However, Yan looked so stunning. Sangat2 comel with the husband. So perfectly match from heaven! I wish Yan and husband always in happy and go with the marriage life with LOVE! Congrats again to the both of you! Nanti majlis I, jangan lupe datang ok!

The beautiful bride and groom and the chubby me T_T

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