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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things to do before/ after kawen!

Here goes the list that I want to do with myself before and after kawen!

1. Spa treatment - not yet
2. Slimming treatment - already bought the package and present to Ehie (my sister) - Ongoing
3. Gym membership - done!
4. Manicure + Padicure - not yet
5. Hair coloring - dah cakap kat Adi and he said YES!- done!

1. Hair rebonding/ relaxing - done! x menyempat tunggu after wedding
2. Hair cut - still consider it
3. Honeymoon - harap maklum, I and Adi xde buat apa2 preparation for honeymoon pon ok. We don't even buy any honeymoon package yet!

I rasa that's all la kot. If tibe2 ade lagik yang teringin nak buat, akan diletakkan di dalam entry ini from time to time.


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