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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UiTM Special Leave Procedure

How are you Tuesday?

As some of you may know that I am seeking the approval for Special Leave/ Study Leave. Actually the first reason was to concerntrate on my wedding. But, turned out that I was given a huge workload at my company as I had been appointed as a Project Manager in some projects. Yes, the first reason was un-relevant. Never give such excuse to apply for a study leave. Luckly, I have other bigger reason to why I should apply for the study leave.

There are some issues in between the processes happened. But Alhamdulillah, now my application has been approved :) 

Please take note that this process is applicable for Part-time Master Student at UiTM. Here's the steps should be taken to apply for the study leave.

1. Find a good/ relevant reason - This is the most important because the approval would be based on your reason. Please take note that marriage is NOT a relevant reason! My reason was to commit with my work and it has been supported with a support letter from my company. For your kind information, the special leave is actually to be granted for students that has a medical impact. But, must get a letter from the doctor saying that you are not able to continue or to attend class for the entire semester.

2. Get a Special Leave Form from Ipsis (Institute of Graduate Studies), and complete the form. Please keep in mind that you cannot take one day to process and submit the application. I will tell you why...

3. Get a support signature from your supervisor and dean of the faculty. This may take few days or weeks. In my case, they need to bring my application to the committee meeting chaired by the Dean of the faculty. It took me 2 weeks.

4. You will receive a call from the faculty to ask you to take the signed form (approved) and you may need to proceed to pay RM50 for admin fee at Level 3, at Ipsis building. After that you have to make 2 sets of photocopy of the form, resit, and support letter and send it to Level 1 (for Coursework). You can photocopy at the Graduate room but you must bring your own A4 paper. I didn't bring mine (because I don't know about it) So, I went to Section 2 just to make a photocopy of this d*** thing. Yang ni I geram sikit, I asked the receptionist if she can give me the papers but she said "it's for office purpose ONLY". Memang geram la. But when you are determined enaugh, you would do anything to get things done, right?

5. The last step, you have to go to your faculty and return one copy for your faculty use. You may have to week at least one week to receive a letter from Ipsis :)

Last but not least, if you think my explaination is not clear enaugh, please contact me at my e-mail nuzulul.fatehanie@gmail.com for any queries. I will try my best to answer all of your questions regarding Special Leave. Love!

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