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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Prep: Wedding Theme #2

Hello Wednesday!

The clock is ticking yet, there are a lot of things undone! Takutnye...

If you looked at the wedding progress' tab, seems that there are quite numbers yang I dh checked. Tapi.... bende penting sekali which is Main Pelamin masih pending! Hopefully by end of this month I boleh balik kampung and setle with the vendor!

Okay, I want to share with you guys my dream wedding theme. If you read here, Peach Pastel is my wedding theme and for Adi's side is Blue Pastel. I just love pastel color. Maybe I ni bukannye putih orangnye, kulit Asia standard la. Sbb tu I don't prefer too brigth or too dark sebab warna2 tersebut akan menegenggelamkan saya dan pasangan sebagai raja sehari.. But, Adi has a fair skin tone, jeles! Macam cina. waaa... nanti groom nampak lagik menyerlah la daripada bride. Baby, you better keep yourself low ok? muahahahhaa...

Okay, here's enjoy the pictures. All pictures taken from google images :) Love!

Well on that day, I'll still be wearing white dress and a lil bit of peach's touch and my bridesmaids are all be wearing peach!

Cantik kan this centerpiece? Kalau xnak jdkan centerpiece, buat HB pon sgt ok kan?

Nice peach pastel

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