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Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Prep: Wedding Theme

Hello Friday!
Hello b2b!

Thank God It's Friday! Yay!! Actually I tersangat la banyak kerja but decided to write something about my wedding theme. It's less than 3 months until the wedding. So scary! And why do I feel that I am yet not done ANYTHING? Gosh, next week I balik kampung nak confirmkan 100% with the pelamin idea with the vendor! Dayme! Itu pun x buat lagi nih. Guane???

Okay, harini I memang terasa sangat nak write something about my wedding theme. Since, everyone else dah menyatakan impian tema wedding masing2, why shouldn't I, right? I got few inspirations from bloggers and Thank you also to Google :) Ye la, sharing is caring kan?

Okay, I love pastel color. So I decided to go with Peach Pastel (PP) on my side, and Blue Pastel (BP) on Adi's side sebab Adi suka warna biru. Ala guys, when I checked back my wedding folder, tak ade pon warna PP yang I nak... Tak pe, nanti dah ade, I upload here ok? So sorry.. But, warna BP for Adi's side, macam ni.. Love!

Vey nice and sweet, don't you think? - Credit to Chenta Weddings

Warna BP yg I maksudkan, warna dress kat tgh2 ni. This color would be the color of my bertandang dress. And Adi will be wearing White Shirt + BP tie + Grey suit :)


Lana Hamdan said...

etie! baru tau u ada blog. i follow ed u :)

picairin said...

comel biru! =)

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Thanks picairin :)