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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wedding Prep: Ring for Him

Not so happy with Sunday...

Why is the time moving so fast? I am not ready for another weekdays... Hohoho... Tersangat la malas. 
This weekend seperti biasa digunakan sebaik mungkin utk buat wedding prep.

Yesterday (Saturday), Adi and I went to The Mines. Matlamat, untuk mencari wedding ring for Adi. Mula-mula dulu, xde la plan nak beli ring to exchange wedding gift. Tapi, I la yang nak sangat Adi to have a ring. So that, people out there will know that he is TAKEN! hahha.. jahat gile. Okay ape. If I have to wear the ring, he also must wear it. Actually we intented to go to jewelery shop yang kiteorang pernah pergi survey for my wedding ring. Masa dulu, ternampak la wedding for groom. So, kiteorg dah aim that one day, we will come there again to get the ring. We ended up buying my wedding ring at different kedai/ brand.

So, untuk cincin Adi, nak la beli kat kedai tu. Tapi kiteorg dah 2, 3 kali tawaf Mines tu, still tak jumpa. We ended up at the Diamoney. I bought a platinum ring for Adi. Since, Diamoney ade buat sales (15% to 50%) for certain items, I get a good bargain for Adi's ring. One thing about my comel ni, he doesn't like diamond. So, sangat la susah nak cari cincin untuk dia. Dah la kedai tu nama Diamoney, sah sah la semua cincin ade diamond, ye tak? At last we found something that is really suits him nicely. The one that has no diamond! I love the ring that he chosed. So, without hesitation, I bought the ring as our wedding ring! yay!

The best thing about Diamoney, if you buy rings from them, when sooner or later you intend to change for the new ring, you can always trade-in the ring. But, you must bring along the receipt ok! Only at Diamoney. Just for sharing, Adi's ring exactly like this one. The one yang xde diamond tu. Nice kan? What do you all think? 

For your kind info, my comel ni xde la fancy sangat dengan cincin. Never in his life pakai cincin! Boleh percaya x? So, I want him to have a responsibilty to take care of this ring when I officially wear this to his finger as a symbolic for us to start a new beginning in our life together. Okay, nak cerita pasal his expression masa dapat cincin ni, he was like "NO-EXPRESSION"! Tak sama langsung dengan my reaction masa dia belikan cincin untuk I. Huh! x suke!!! I sampai tak dapat nak tahan air mata kot sebab de suruh I pilih cincin and he bought it! It was like WHAT?? Are you serious? And masa sales girl tu tengah nak kira2, I spontan cakap nak gi toilet. Padahal, I nangis kot kat toilet tu. Menangis kegembiraan. Okay, after the marriage, I will story more about my wedding ring ok? Till then, Love!

Dua cincin ni look so similar. It's just that one of them ada diamond, and the other one xada. Nice kan?


Anis_Apis said...

went to diamoney tadi...fall in love with this one ring tp encik tunang plak xde...have to wait for this friday...huhu...hopefully ada lg discount :P

Adi Razlan said...

Huhu, part "NO EXPRESSION" yg x thn tu dear. I mane ade x happy, i happy dear. It's a symbol of our love kan? Of course i'll cherish it with all my heart. I love u dear!

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Anis, I rs lama lg kot the promotion. I hope you'll get the ring you are after for your love one! But make sure, he likes it too ok. Macam I, Adi yang pilih sndiri since de x ske diamond kn? Nasib baik he has good taste. hohoho.. That ring is the only ring yang xde diamond dlm kedai tu. Btw, you pegi kat Diamoney mana?

Anonymous said...

lawak ahh u ni .....