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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Prep: Guest Book

It's already Wednesday!

Huarghhhh!!! My guest book is not done yet! Cover design dah ada. Which I pkai tamplet yang sedia ada and tukar the name. Actually, I have few options tapi xtau nak pilih yang mana. And I want my guestbook to be simply WHITE. Herm.. weekend ni ok kot pegi kedai. So many things to do over this weekend. 

Things to do over the weekend (21st-22nd April 2012)
1. Beli sourvenir for friends (the most exciting part)
2. Beli paper bag untuk isi sourvenir
3. Setelkan guestbook
4. Slimming session
5. Hang out with my HBs
6. ...............


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