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Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Silence

Oh Gucci,

I think it's been quite some times I didn't have a chance to talk to my blog. Yeah, quite some times..Been busy doing nothing! Haha.. Actually not really.. A lot og things have been going on. So many things to do but so little time to prepare. 

I just wanna go back home to help my parents and all the people at home to re-furbish the house. For those who did not know, my parents are renovating the house. Add another 3 rooms, 1 toilet and dry kitchen. Specially for the extra one to our family. Hahah (mesti bangga my fiance).

Okay, first, I want to update about my wedding invitation card. After more than 20 conversations via e-mail, I finally received my wedding card! Yay!! It's just like what I wanted it to be. I think it's kinda old school, but I still like it :) biaq pi la orang nk cakap apa. hoho.. I'm not gonna put teaser for my wedding card picture. In fact, I'm gonna show you all the exact card of mine. Suke tak? Btw, I am hereby, would like to invite you to my wedding (my side) on 2nd June 2012 at Melaka. Yes, may you be my frequent visitors, or my silent reader, you are all invited. But don't expect to much for my wedding because I originally want it to be very simple yet memorable event. Email me for formal invitation card ok?

Just like what I wanted. Siap ade pic my parents lagik. Ye la, most of the invitees, kawan2 dorg so, better letak pic dorg kan?
Adi pnye colour biru, mine is peach

With my sister, Ehie. De pon sibuk nak bergambar

Me and my handsome prince charming

Bergambar with our cards

 To tell you, actually on that day we were very rushing to attend a wedding. It was Amy Aina's wedding which was held in Seremban. She was absolutely stunning! I love her dress, her dais, her guest book corner, and everything about her wedding. It was SO Amy!

Amy and her hubby + Fatin as a maid of honor - Credit to Anis Soleha
Cute sangat kek ni
Capturing a moment with the bride + groom - Credit to Anis Soleha
Beratur before dapat bergambar dengan pengantin - Credit to Anis Soleha

Dapat Wana punye invitation pulak :)
Missing my uni-momento

Bakal pengantin pon harus la bergambar kn?
Next is our turn!

Geng2 Kachi 2 From left: Me, Fatin, Anis, Wana and Lynn

Just like old times!

 Till then, Love!

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