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Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Prep: Fitting Session

Hi Friday!

Do you know why I love Friday so much? I don't have to tell you because I bet you also have your own reason why you love Friday so much! 

And one of my reason, My solemnization will be held on FRIDAY. Mengambil berkat hari Jumaat yang mulia, InsyaAllah.

Okay, nak cerita, last Tuesday, I went to Ixora Couture KL to fit my baju. Alhamdulillah, xada ukuran baju yang perlu diperbetulkan. Everything was just perfect. Ye la, me and Kak Ayu pernah bekerjasama so, she know exactly how my measurement is. Walaupun ada naik and turun, tapi xde la byk sgt. hehehe.. 

Okay, OV pon tagged along. sebab kteorg nak bincang intianary majlis sekali. So, alang2 tu, baik discuss sekali arung betul x? If you guys want to watch the video teaser from HVP Production, you can go to his facebook fan page ok?

Till the, Love!

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