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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Real Wedding: Nadia & Firdaus

Beautiful Wednesday!

I would like to update about recent event I participated. It's Nadia's Big Day. Another of the geng member has ended her solo life :)

Another 3 weeks and 2 days @ 23 days to go to MY BIG DAY!! Feeling nervous. Btw, I am not yet applied for my wedding leave ok. Sempoi tak? hahaha

Ok, layan la this pictures ok! Love
Before her akad nikah

Me with my future Maif of Honor!

Lynn, The Groom & The Bride, Adik and Me.. Pic gelap!

She is gorjes, isn't she?

The dress by Ixora Couture KL. Santek kan??

The soulmates

Adi and I amek berkat pengantin

The bunch of crazy sengal people.. Please exclude the comel babies. They are innocent :)

My forever soulmate!

The entrance

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Nur Sharmilla said...

so sweettttttttttttttttttttt^^