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Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Schedule

Beautiful Friday!!!

Weee.. the only day we've always waiting for! Cepat sangat masa berlalu kan? 3 weeks @ 21days to go.. Just a litle update about my this weekend activity.

Saturday : Morning - Workshop - Re-paint my car because of last Wednesday's accident
               Afternoon - Meeting with my Official Photographer
               Evening - Cari bahan-bahan untuk buat guestbook, Cari aircond

Sunday   : Morning - Continue with the guestbook
               Afternoon - Meeting with Official Videographer
               Evening - Rehat!

Hehehe.. x sabar nak balik kampung next week. Before balik nak singgah Nilai 3 to get some stuff first. And on petang tu, meeting with the Canopy Vendor to discuss about theme colour. And nak carik white chair for dressing table. Haritu I survey kat Ikea, damn expensive! Haih.. for budget bride like me, I have to be rational la.. Even nak sangat kerusi tu, tapi terpaksa buang je perasaan tu. Xpe, jom kte carik kerusi lain yang maybe lagik cantik and murah! Btw, my bedroom set pon akan sampai next week from Famista! I chose all white for the bedroom set. By the time I smpai kampung next week, the furniture will already be there. Cant wait!

 Till then, Love!

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