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Friday, June 29, 2012

Wedding Review: #4 - Hantaran

Good Friday everyone!

I am so excited about this entry. At last I have received pics from my OP. Tapi I only received the 1st batch (Nikah and Malam Berinai). They said, I had so so so many shots. When they said that, they meant I have thousands shots. Rasanya ada 8 DVDs. 

Okay, as per entry title, I want to share with you guys my hantarans and hubby's hantarans. Honestly, we felt very lucky because we have relatives to help us with the hantaran decoration. Like my side was decorated beautifully and with love by my auntie, Bik Chom. And my hubby's side pulak, his sister in law yang buatkan. Very nice kan? Yela.. to pay for such decoration I think paling murah pun RM150 per tray kan? Isk isk isk.. Since, I was once a Pengantin Bajet, kene la buat cara bajet ok? Jom view the hantarans. Enjoy the pics, Love!

From the Bride to the Groom ( 9 trays)







Shirt & Pants

Home made chocolates
From theGroom to the Bride ( 7 trays)



Handbag & Shoes

My fav!, Makeups


Tepak sireh

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wedding Review: #3 - Room

Good Day People!

What I like the most for my wedding? One thing for sure was my Bride & Groom's Room! I am so proud of the room arrangement that I arranged myself. The idea of the room was from me. Let me tell you one by one ok?

The bedroom set I bought was from FAMISTA (known as the expert of 'Perabot Pengantin'). You can read from my previous entry here. The bedroom set consist of 1 bed, 1 wardrobe and 1 dressing table. The set was given a complimentary of 1 side table, 1 chair for dressing table, 2 pillows, 1 bolster and a mattress. Since FAMISTA is located in Klang, I have to pay for the delivery charges to Melaka. Okay, to tell you the truth, I love the bedroom set from FAMISTA. I really am. It's just that, I hate it when I got to see it not in a superb condition as I expected. Seriously, there were some damages caused by the workmanship and handling. Seriously, SUCKS! FAMISTA, you have a good product to sell but please please please make sure that you deliver the best condition of product to your customers. This really sadden me. Why I didn't make a report to them? It's simply because I just got to see the bedroom set 3 days before my wedding. If I asked to change the set to a better one, can they guarantee that they can deliver before my wedding ceremony? I don't think so. Seriously, if I was there during the delivery, I won't accept it! Here are some damages

Defect at on the wardrobe

Uneven paint on the wood

You judge yourself

Close up

I hate to see this

This is my room after the make over. I just love my room after the make-over. Credit to Auntie Ija for the picture

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Review: #2 - Spanx

Beautiful Monday, I supposed =)

Since I still not receive photos from my OP, I decided to review on materials that ONLY I have in hand. So, as for today, it's Spanx-ing time yawww.

I was so greatful that I managed to get Spanx. Thank you so much to Cik Lan. Cik Lan helped me bought the Spanx direct from LA and brought back by his friend which practically a steward, I guess, or something like that. And the good news was, I don't have to pay for postage or anything, just for a clear Spanx itself. Which only cost me USD38. Cheaper kan? But not to worry, for those yang interested, they still can order from local online shopping yang bawa this product to our beloved country. But you have to pay extra for the postage charges la.

Okay, before I go futher, let me share with you a little bit about Spanx. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Spanx. but, for those who don't,click HERE.

Spanx has a lot of undergarment lines. I bought In-Power™ Line Super Higher Power
Pic taken from Spanx website itself

The In-Power™ Line is super comfortable and powerful high waisted hosiery shapper. Seriously, this is the most comfortable shapper. It rescued me during my big day. Seriously. My experience, mula-mula susah sikit nak pakai because I thought size A macam super ketat. But after I wore it, I don't feel like something chocking on my stomach AT ALL.
  • Amped-up, high-waisted tummy-taming panel
  • Super sleek, cling-free finish
  • Mega compression zones target tummy, thighs and rear
  • Unique new design gives rear a lift
  • Cotton double gusset for ease when nature calls
  • Panty lines be gone! Wear as underwear
  • Legband-free design prevents bulges on thighs
  • LOVE that: Streamline your silhouette in waist-cinching skirts and dresses
  • Slimming Level: Super
  • Made in USA and/or Imported
  • 85% Nylon/15% Lycra® Spandex/Elastane
 This one is available it three colours; Nude, Cocoa and Black. As for mine, I bought the Nude colour. Size A. You can check the sizes from the website.

I was super excited when wearing it for the first time

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Picture Header

Hi Saturday,

In case you haven't notice, I've changed my header picture. I hope you all like it =)

Picture photo header ni was capture by HVP Production. They were actually my Official Videograher. Thanks HVP Team for the very awesome picture!

The picture was taken at Banda Hilir Melaka with my sisters, maid of honor, bridesmaids and the bestman=) Rasa macam nak kawen balik la... huk huk huk.. Love!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My New Friend

Good day everyone :)

Apakah?? Tibe-tibe letak picture sendiri -_-"

Heheh.. just wanna tell the world that I have my new glasses, a friend I can't live without. Duniaku kembali cerah. Yayyy.. Penat dah pkai contact lenses live everyday for more than 8 hours. Sigh..

For Improvement

Morning Thursday :)

Can't believe that this week is running so quick. And I am so excited for the weekend. I was planning to balik kampung, but due to some constraints, I may delay the plan.

Okay guys, did you see the entry title for today? For Improvement.. What improvement? What to improve? Here goes...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bila lah... Sigh..

Hello Wednesday :)

I really really really want to write. Especially a review about my wedding. Tapi pics belum dapat lagi from Official Photographer.. I know, you all pon mesti tak sabar kan nak tengok pics and review about my wedding (ceh.. ke'perasan'an di situ), I pon lagi la tak sabar. Sigh...

OP mintak saya berSABAR.. Sebab dia tengah susun file I untuk di 'bakar' dalam DVD. Ye, saya boleh mintak softcopy dulu. Actual album akan siap less than 3 months. That was what he promised. Seriously... saya sangat tak sabar. Parent and Parents In Law pon dah tanya bila gambar kahwin nak siap. Mereka pon tak sabar, sama seperti saya..

Sebab UTAMA... untuk review balik 'TETAMU TIDAK DIUNDANG'. Yes, the uninvited guest itu dengan selamba bergambar bersama keluarga saya.. Sangat tidak malu ok? 

Akan update secepat mungkin bila pics from OP sudah berada di tangan saya.. Hehehe.. Love!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jangan Lombok

Have a good day, Sunday!

Just wanna share with you guys, sejak kahwin ni memang semangat je nak masak tau. Eventho I tak suke masak, selalu kena bebel dengan mak sebab tak reti masak. Huhuhu.. Betul cakap orang, minat untuk masak tu akan datang sendiri.

Ok, since I ni kan anak orang jawa. I membesar dengan makanan dan lauk-lauk jawa. I am so proud of it! My hubby pon pandai makan makanan orang jawa. Especially, tuh, as stated on the entry title :) For those who don't know, Jangan Lombok (dalam bahasa Melayu = Sambal Goreng) ni adalah makanan tradisi orang jawa, especially kat kampung I. Every Jangan Lombok is different depending their origin. Okay, today, I want to show you how Jangan Lombok is cooked. Yang I bagi ni adalah sesuai untuk (6-10 orang). Mesti mak bangga kan kan kan??

Bahan-bahan yang perlu ada adalah:-
1. 2 biji bawang besar
2. 5 biji bawang kecil
3. 5 ulas bawang putih
4. 5 biji cili hijau & 5 biji cili merah (jenis cili besar)
5. 2 keping tempe
6. 5 keping tauhu
7. 1/2 kg udang (saiz udang adalah sesuka hati)
8. Sengenggam ikan bilis
9. Sedikit belacan
10. Sedikit asam jawa
11. Suun
12. Santan
13. Kentang (optional)

Cara penyediaan bahan:-
1. Bawang besar, bawang kecil dan bawang putih dihiris

2. Tauhu dan tempe dipotong kecil-kecil dan digoreng

3. Ikan bilis ditumbuk (jangan sampai hancur)
4. Belacan dan asam jawa digaul dengan sedikit air
5. Kentang dipotong kecil-kecil

6. Udang disiang
7. Cili dihiris

Cara memasak:-
1. Panaskan kuali dan masuk sedikit minyak
2. Tumis bawang besar, kecil dan putih sampai layu dan kemudian masukkan cili hijau dan cili merah
3. Masukkan ikan bilis dan udang
4. Masukkan air asam jawa yang dicampur dengan sedikit belacan dan seterusnya masukkan santan
5. Tunggu hingga mendidih, masukkan tempe, tauhu dan suun dan letakkan garam secukup rasa
6. Siap untuk dihidang

Dan inilah Jangan Lombok yang berjaya saya buat! Siap dapat offer tempahan lagik =) All readers, selamat mecuba :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Desire

Good Friday everyone!

I have the interest of having pretty baju kurung. Seriously, I do. Unfortunately, I don't have the talent of sewing, eventho my mother is a tailor. I am not capable of things she so good at. Kenapa eyh macam tu? Sepatutnya, kalau emak pandai menjahit, memasak, mesti anak sendiri pon pandai buat semua tu kan? But NOT me!

Lepas kahwin ni, I memang bertekad nak belajar masak dan menjahit. I want my mother to be proud of me. Now tengah survey kelas menjahit, InsyaAllah I akan pergi dalam masa terdekat ni. Nanti boleh la jahit baju sendiri :) Memang tengah berkobar2.

I asked my hubby about this, tapi de cakap kat I "Jangan hangat2 taik ayam pulak". huhu.. Tak supportive langsung. I don't want to rushingly buy a sewing machine sebabnya, my mother ada machine sendiri. So, nanti balik kampung boleh spend time dengan menjahit kat her only sewing room :)

Actually, I tiba2 nak belajar menjahit lepas suka sangat beli kain2 ela yang cantik2 (symptom wedding preparation masa beli kain2 for family and bridesmaids). Ade kain I beli kat Nagoya (murah & cantik) I hantar butik untuk jahit baju kurung moden and you know how much it costs me? Jeng jeng jeng... RM150.00!! Super duper not worth it ok! And from there, I bertekad nak belajar jahit baju kurung moden! Hubby, hanta la I pegi kelas menjahit... huk huk huk

And lebih menghangatkan lagi semangat I ni, lepas tengok raya collection from INNAI RED, yang digayakan oleh Nora Danish! Melting weh tengok baju-baju dia. Memang inspired! Jom layan baju2 from INNAI RED. Sumber gambar dari facebook INNAI RED sendiri. I pilih design2 yang I paling suke je :)

Very Classy kan?

One of my fav!

Full of attitude and elegant

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Review: #1 - Henna

Hi everyone!

Dah 1 week and 4 days menjadi isteri orang. Still rasa x percaya. Every night before tido, mesti cakap kat hubby "I still can't believe that we are married". Hehehe.. normal ke? Ye la, dah lama berkawan and bila saat-saat yang ditunggu dah terjadi, tak percaya pulak.

Ramai kawan2 kat office cakap muka I berseri-seri lepas kahwin. I pon x tau ape maksud dorang. Sebab I rasa, muka I tgh naik jerawat.. Herm.. Ye, rasa macam makin menjadi-jadi pulak jerawat yang tumbuh ni. BTW, before I bercelotek pot pet pot pet pasal benda yang tak patut, I think I should review about my wedding. It might be use to some of B2B out there, right? Bak kata omputih, "Sharing is Caring" :)

So, as for today, I would first want to review about my henna. If you have read this, you'll know who is my henna artist kan?

Rupe2 nye, my henna artist ni kira sekampung jugak la dengan I. and her mother pon kenal my emak. What a small world kan? Azie ni sangat la lemah lembut and peramah. Sangat best. Borak punya borak, baru la tau that she was my senior masa sekolah rendah dulu. 

Okay, nak jadi cerita, Azie sms I dalam petang or dalam pukul 8pm (sorry, I x ingat exact time) to inform that she'll be at my house at 10pm. Dalam pukul 10 tu Azie dh datang. Sangat punctual. Extra mark di situ. She did a magic on my hand and feet. I love her creativity. I chose flora design yang she designed herself. From her style, memang she is the expert! Tangan tak menggigil langsung ok! Steady jea lukis henna kat tangan I. Jom kite layan gambar henna ok? Love!

Close up

Hand full view

Ni la tukang henna yang cantik, Azie

Abaikan pengantin yang selekeh itu ye ;p

Credit to OP, FMS

Credit to OP, FMS

Credit to OP, FMS: Henna kaki pon I super LOVE!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I am Officially Mrs Adi Razlan

Hello Friday !

Before that, I would like to thank to all of you yang datang to my solemnization and reception in Melaka, yang mendoakan I and hubby dari jauh dan kepada siapa2 yang ingat dekat kteorg. Thank you so much. Rasanya lama betul tak update my blog ni. Bersawang dah pon. 

Okay, jom tgk teaser during my solemnization and reception. Later I akan upload byk2 sikit ;)

My Hubby sempat senyum walaupun tengah nervous ;p

Bahagia sangat bila dah bergelar Isteri ;)

Waiting for the groom to arrive