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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Review: #2 - Spanx

Beautiful Monday, I supposed =)

Since I still not receive photos from my OP, I decided to review on materials that ONLY I have in hand. So, as for today, it's Spanx-ing time yawww.

I was so greatful that I managed to get Spanx. Thank you so much to Cik Lan. Cik Lan helped me bought the Spanx direct from LA and brought back by his friend which practically a steward, I guess, or something like that. And the good news was, I don't have to pay for postage or anything, just for a clear Spanx itself. Which only cost me USD38. Cheaper kan? But not to worry, for those yang interested, they still can order from local online shopping yang bawa this product to our beloved country. But you have to pay extra for the postage charges la.

Okay, before I go futher, let me share with you a little bit about Spanx. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Spanx. but, for those who don't,click HERE.

Spanx has a lot of undergarment lines. I bought In-Power™ Line Super Higher Power
Pic taken from Spanx website itself

The In-Power™ Line is super comfortable and powerful high waisted hosiery shapper. Seriously, this is the most comfortable shapper. It rescued me during my big day. Seriously. My experience, mula-mula susah sikit nak pakai because I thought size A macam super ketat. But after I wore it, I don't feel like something chocking on my stomach AT ALL.
  • Amped-up, high-waisted tummy-taming panel
  • Super sleek, cling-free finish
  • Mega compression zones target tummy, thighs and rear
  • Unique new design gives rear a lift
  • Cotton double gusset for ease when nature calls
  • Panty lines be gone! Wear as underwear
  • Legband-free design prevents bulges on thighs
  • LOVE that: Streamline your silhouette in waist-cinching skirts and dresses
  • Slimming Level: Super
  • Made in USA and/or Imported
  • 85% Nylon/15% Lycra® Spandex/Elastane
 This one is available it three colours; Nude, Cocoa and Black. As for mine, I bought the Nude colour. Size A. You can check the sizes from the website.

I was super excited when wearing it for the first time

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