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Friday, June 29, 2012

Wedding Review: #4 - Hantaran

Good Friday everyone!

I am so excited about this entry. At last I have received pics from my OP. Tapi I only received the 1st batch (Nikah and Malam Berinai). They said, I had so so so many shots. When they said that, they meant I have thousands shots. Rasanya ada 8 DVDs. 

Okay, as per entry title, I want to share with you guys my hantarans and hubby's hantarans. Honestly, we felt very lucky because we have relatives to help us with the hantaran decoration. Like my side was decorated beautifully and with love by my auntie, Bik Chom. And my hubby's side pulak, his sister in law yang buatkan. Very nice kan? Yela.. to pay for such decoration I think paling murah pun RM150 per tray kan? Isk isk isk.. Since, I was once a Pengantin Bajet, kene la buat cara bajet ok? Jom view the hantarans. Enjoy the pics, Love!

From the Bride to the Groom ( 9 trays)







Shirt & Pants

Home made chocolates
From theGroom to the Bride ( 7 trays)



Handbag & Shoes

My fav!, Makeups


Tepak sireh

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