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Friday, November 2, 2012

Transformation #2

Hi everyone!

This entry goes to Rini that my blog came across while she was google-ing Derrick & Team and my 'Transformation' entry pop-ed out. So, to convince her about Derrick & Team, I decided to post another entry about them.

I had a new (not so new) transformation with Derrick & Team at Mines well I think about 2-3 months ago. This time, I let Lina did her magic on my hair. I was accompanied by Lynn (she got her hair done, too!). Yes, I admit, Lynn is the best buddy to go to salon with. Hehehe.. Well, because she is so honest to comment whatever is not right and so on with my hair ;p That's kind of buddy that I need when chillexing at the salon instead of a husband (sorry hubby).. heheh

Okay, this time, I decided to cut my hair short! Yes, Seriously...

Are you ready to see my new short hair??

jeng jeng jeng...

This time, I did a relaxing + colouring + hair cut + colour treatment and hair treatment. I will let you guys guess the how much I paid Derrick & Team. Anyhow, I was so satisfied with my hair, so I don't really mind to pay more. I personally recommend Derrick & Team. All of their stylist there are very professional and exteremely good!

I will go to Derrick & Team (Mines) for my next hair-do :)




oshinz said...

the new cut is better for sis. look younger kot..

Nuzulul Fatehanie Juremi said...

Haha.. thanks oshinz. mmg teringin gile nak rambut pendek akhirnya dpt jugak.. say 10 years younger? hahah