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Thursday, January 31, 2013

#2: misi mencari rumah

it's such a great day so far after a hectic morning. i am so thankful that our loan for our first house has been approved by two banks. we'll just have to wait for another two banks for their approval. we previously had applied from four banks namely bank islam, maybank, bank muamalat and bsn. after the loan has approved by all four banks, we'll start to validate their package which we find more attractive. alhamdulillah, Allah has made it all easy for us for a start. no difficulties during the bank approval process, well at least we have two banks that ready for us to say 'go ahead'.

in the mean time, i'm starting to collect ideas for the house (eventho we both know that the house only will be ready at end of 2014) hehe.. so semangat. yes, of course because this is our first house, duhh. maybe in another post, i will write about the process of buying a house in malaysia. 

ok, here's another story but still about the house. during our meeting with all the banks' reps, we found out that the 100% loan scheme house provided by the government has a term of "must not sell the house for 20 years", if anyone knows about this, please share with me ok?

we'll catch up another time people.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

#1: misi mencari rumah

salam maulidulrasul muslims.

i am so excited to tell you that my hubby and i have booked our future home together. 

well, we've been looking for houses lately. last week, we went to view a house at bandar puteri, klang. the house was ok. we like the house. unfortunately, it's not a new house.

after that, we went back to my kampung in melaka. talked about house the whole weekend while doing some cloths cutting with my mother. we need to own a house so badly and that night while my hubby got nothing to do, he took his time to view the iproperty. so many choice of houses until he found 'taman impian sutera' located in kota kemuning. very near to my office ;p

the next day on sunday, hubby called the developer saying that we want to view the house (it's a new development) at evening. about 2pm, hubby and i retuned back to klang and reached at kota kemuning about 4pm that evening. we viewed the house and instantly fell in love with it. the best part was, hubby and mil have a good feeling about the house (we brought our parents to see the house too). so, without further thinking, we booked the house. it was a very fortunate for us because the house was the only one remains due to the unapproved bank loan of the previous buyer. 

next, after we booked the house, we started to meet with the banks namely, maybank, bank islam, bank muamalat, bsn etc. just hoping any of the banks would approve our application.

this is a huge commitment. it's not that cheap to buy a house these days. but, we must at least have something that we own, an asset. below are the pics from the show house (taken from www.tamanimpiansutera.blogspot.com)

corner lot show house. we booked the intermediate one.

living room


Monday, January 14, 2013

saturday weddings

well, my saturday went with 2 weddings of my friends.

wedding one

ejan is a friend back in matriculation. he is a doctor now, married to a doctor too! haha. when i looked at the couple, they are so look a like. orang cakap, memang panjang jodoh. amin. the wedding took place at taman botani, putrajaya. i just knew that kat sana memang boleh buat function especially weddings. nice view too though. hubby and i ran a bit late because hubby had to take a rest first after got back from work at 7am. poor hubby kena keje pulak. we reached there about 3pm. sampai2 we all terus took a pic with the pair and ja'a and his fiance too (sorry, don't have their pic sebab their official photographer yang tangkapkan)

then, ade orang pulak pegang2 bahu i, and after i toleh, masyallah, rupanya munh. hehe, i memang ade jodoh dengan munh because most of matrix friend punye wedding, mesti terserempak dengan munh. first oya's wedding (found out that munh is oya's auntie or otherwise, lupe la), then, fatin aka alia's wedding. and now, at ejan's wedding pulak.. hehe.. she came with amir, also one of my buddy yang selalu melepak kat NZ bawah kat Wangsa Maju. the good old days!

Cam-whoring dulu dalam kereta

ejan, wife and all of us

hubby and amir (setelah disuruh untuk senyum)

me, amir and munh
us, before we left the wedding

wedding two

second wedding that hubby and i attended was huda's. she was a friend from high school. huda's wedding was so pretty, as pretty as her! huda was so kind, sanggup datang shah alam just to hand me her wedding card :) i appreciate that a lot! that's why, by hook or by crook, i must attend her wedding.

during our way to huda's wedding, hubby got a phone call from office saying that he needs to be in the war room that night. so, we cannot stay long at huda's wedding but we are so fortunate to witness the beginning until end of the wonderful event. 

the wedding took place at dewan perdana felda. so, you can expect a spectacular wedding :) hubby and i were on the same table with elly and wife also, cikgu normal and husband. she's still remember my name. fuhh so glad :)

okay to huda and jack, may you both have a wonderful marriage life and happily in the world and world after. lotsa love from me!


while, waiting for the king and queen, we manage to take a pic
with cikgu normala
orang kuat for the night
finally, with the king and queen of the night. may you both have a wonderful marriage life and welcome to the club!
hubby-wifey camwhoring session before we left the wedding

Monday, January 7, 2013

exam is over

yay! finally exam is OVER!

wait, don't get to excited because the dissertation and presentation is are not done yet!

mode: struggling to finish the desertation


Sunday, January 6, 2013

wedding review : videographer

hello all,

sambil2 study ni, i ambil kesempatan to review about my nikah video. my husband and i just love my wedding video. here's details of my videographer - click here

thanks to HVP team sebab dah realisasikan my wedding dream. this will be a piece that i will not be ashamed to show to my future kids and grand-kids.

I rate them 4.5/ 5 for their work and services. rajin update with me about the video progress. tak payah i yang terhegeh2 nak tnya update. good work hafeidz and team. nanti i nak try photoshoot (maternity) with you all pulak (ntah bile tak tau lagi la..)
I recommend their services to all the bride to be :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

studies vs. exams

hello reader.

tomorrow will be my first exam paper for at my final semester. i'm taking two papers and a dissertation. actually, i am studying my strategic management paper for tomorrow morning. to tell you, it's a very last minute study. yes, always a last minute. 

i love study but i hate exams. i wonder (maybe lots of people/ students) out there feel the same. is examination the only way to measure your intellectuality? is examination the only way to show you that you are ready enough to venture the real working world out there?

i love study. i really do. logically, why would i want to further my study this far if i don't like what i am doing. but unfortunately i don't think that exam is necessary to measure whatever that the malaysian education system is trying to prove.

i registered for my master program without any justification. some of my friends eager to continue study to a master or even phd level to secure a job/ or to be a lecturer. some of them wants to get a better offer of working after graduating a master degree/ phd. i just don't have a clue why did i register the program. one thing for sure, i love to learn things. new things. to gain extra knowledge, to master in something. that's all that i know.

going back to the topic, when it comes to every lesson of every semester, there will come an end to complete the semester. which is a final exam. since the very at early age, children in malaysia have been taught to pass the exams. do you realize how pressuring it is and how frustrating it feels? i know all the lessons taught in the class, but whenever i'm answering the exams paper, i was like 'what was i studying?'. all that i read gone in a second. okay, logically, is it fair say that i was not an excellent student just because i did't get 4.0 flat? is it fair to say if i get bad result just because i can't answer the exam papers?, not because i know nothing, it's because i have a nerve wreaking in a exam-sitting situation.

i am working and at the same time, i am also a student. i know how the real working world treating people like 'me'. it is not a guarantee that a 4.0 flat student can adapt with the working environment. we are not 100% will be using all that we learn during study, it's a matter how we trying to solve every situation.

malaysian government should do a depth study about this, i should say. 

guys, wish me luck for my exams. i am sure will need all the luck in the world!