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Thursday, January 31, 2013

#2: misi mencari rumah

it's such a great day so far after a hectic morning. i am so thankful that our loan for our first house has been approved by two banks. we'll just have to wait for another two banks for their approval. we previously had applied from four banks namely bank islam, maybank, bank muamalat and bsn. after the loan has approved by all four banks, we'll start to validate their package which we find more attractive. alhamdulillah, Allah has made it all easy for us for a start. no difficulties during the bank approval process, well at least we have two banks that ready for us to say 'go ahead'.

in the mean time, i'm starting to collect ideas for the house (eventho we both know that the house only will be ready at end of 2014) hehe.. so semangat. yes, of course because this is our first house, duhh. maybe in another post, i will write about the process of buying a house in malaysia. 

ok, here's another story but still about the house. during our meeting with all the banks' reps, we found out that the 100% loan scheme house provided by the government has a term of "must not sell the house for 20 years", if anyone knows about this, please share with me ok?

we'll catch up another time people.


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Mohd Farid Mohd Sood said...

Lock in period 20 years? Which bank does that? Afaik around 3-4 years only. Affin has no lock in period.