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Monday, January 14, 2013

saturday weddings

well, my saturday went with 2 weddings of my friends.

wedding one

ejan is a friend back in matriculation. he is a doctor now, married to a doctor too! haha. when i looked at the couple, they are so look a like. orang cakap, memang panjang jodoh. amin. the wedding took place at taman botani, putrajaya. i just knew that kat sana memang boleh buat function especially weddings. nice view too though. hubby and i ran a bit late because hubby had to take a rest first after got back from work at 7am. poor hubby kena keje pulak. we reached there about 3pm. sampai2 we all terus took a pic with the pair and ja'a and his fiance too (sorry, don't have their pic sebab their official photographer yang tangkapkan)

then, ade orang pulak pegang2 bahu i, and after i toleh, masyallah, rupanya munh. hehe, i memang ade jodoh dengan munh because most of matrix friend punye wedding, mesti terserempak dengan munh. first oya's wedding (found out that munh is oya's auntie or otherwise, lupe la), then, fatin aka alia's wedding. and now, at ejan's wedding pulak.. hehe.. she came with amir, also one of my buddy yang selalu melepak kat NZ bawah kat Wangsa Maju. the good old days!

Cam-whoring dulu dalam kereta

ejan, wife and all of us

hubby and amir (setelah disuruh untuk senyum)

me, amir and munh
us, before we left the wedding

wedding two

second wedding that hubby and i attended was huda's. she was a friend from high school. huda's wedding was so pretty, as pretty as her! huda was so kind, sanggup datang shah alam just to hand me her wedding card :) i appreciate that a lot! that's why, by hook or by crook, i must attend her wedding.

during our way to huda's wedding, hubby got a phone call from office saying that he needs to be in the war room that night. so, we cannot stay long at huda's wedding but we are so fortunate to witness the beginning until end of the wonderful event. 

the wedding took place at dewan perdana felda. so, you can expect a spectacular wedding :) hubby and i were on the same table with elly and wife also, cikgu normal and husband. she's still remember my name. fuhh so glad :)

okay to huda and jack, may you both have a wonderful marriage life and happily in the world and world after. lotsa love from me!


while, waiting for the king and queen, we manage to take a pic
with cikgu normala
orang kuat for the night
finally, with the king and queen of the night. may you both have a wonderful marriage life and welcome to the club!
hubby-wifey camwhoring session before we left the wedding

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